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Welcome - sheinfo.ie - Sheinfo gives you practical information on current services available to young women about health including types of contraception, Pregnancy, STIs.

  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/ Contraception - sheinfo.ie - There are more than twelve different contraception methods available. Making the right contraceptive choice is an important key to good sexual health.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/ Types of Contraception - sheinfo.ie - Types of contraception include Condoms, The Pill, Contraceptive Patch, Implants, Injections, IUCD (The Coil), etc
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/condoms/ Condoms - sheinfo.ie - Condoms are number one for protection against STIs and 98% effective in preventing pregnancy.....if used correctly, every time you have sex
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/contraceptive-patch/ Contraceptive Patch - sheinfo.ie - The contraceptive patch, also called Evra, is a small beige patch applied to the skin like a sticky plaster, which protects against pregnancy.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/implants/ Implants - sheinfo.ie - Implants slowly releases the hormone progesterone into the body to stop ovulation. It also thickens the mucus at the neck of the womb.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/injections/ Injections - sheinfo.ie - Only on type of injection available in Ireland is called Depo-Provera. This is an injection that releases the hormone progestogen into your body.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/iucd-the-coil/ IUD (The Coil) - sheinfo.ie - The IUD (intrauterine device) is a small plastic and copper contraceptive that is fitted in your womb ny a doctor. It works in several different ways.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/natural-methods/ Natural Methods - sheinfo.ie - Natural methods is a combination of methods is used to determine the days in the month when a women can become pregnant (ovulation).
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/sterilisation/ Sterilisation - sheinfo.ie - Sterilisation is a good method for people who have completed their families or are sure they never want children. Must be regarded as permanent.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/the-diaphragmcap-with-spermicide/ The Diaphragm/Cap with Spermicide - sheinfo.ie - The diaphragm is a rubber/silicone cap that fits inside the vagina and covers the opening to the womb. It should be used with a spermicide that kills sperm.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/the-ius-mirena-coil/ The Intrauterine System( IUS) Mirena Coil and Jaydess - sheinfo.ie - The IUS (Mirena Coil) is a small plastic device that releases the hormone progestogen into the womb. It is fitted by a specially trained doctor.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/the-pill/ The Pill - sheinfo.ie - There are 2 main kinds of contraceptive pill that women can take - the combined pill, known as the pill, and the progestogen only pill.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/types-2/vaginal-ring-nuva-ring/ Vaginal Ring (Nuva Ring) - sheinfo.ie - The contraceptive vaginal ring is a new method of contraception. It is a soft, plastic ring, that goes into the vagina and prevents pregnancy.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/busting-myths/ Busting Myths - sheinfo.ie - There is a lot of myths around contraception and getting pregnant. These are some facts...
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/emergency-contraception/ Emergency Contraception - sheinfo.ie - If you have had unprotected sex, you can use emergency contraception (morning after pill). This will usually stop you from becoming pregnant.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/contraception/price-list/ Price List - sheinfo.ie - Services and supplies are available free to women with a medical card, however they have to pay for non-prescription items such as condoms. See price list.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/pregnancy/ Pregnancy - sheinfo.ie - This section has information which you may find helpful if you find yourself suddenly facing an unplanned pregnancy, guidelines and where to go.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/pregnancy/lone-parents/ Lone Parents - sheinfo.ie - This section talks about your legal rights, social welfare for single mothers and where you can get more advice.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/pregnancy/signs-of-pregnancy/ Signs of Pregnancy - sheinfo.ie - Signs of a pregnancy usually appear 2-3 weeks after conception. Signs can vary from woman to woman but include missing a period, vomiting, mood changes, etc
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/need-help/unplanned-pregnancy/ Unplanned Pregnancy - sheinfo.ie - Letterkenny Women's Centre has a crisis pregnancy counsellor funded by the Irish Family Planning Association if you wish to talk to someone.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/pregnancy/where-to-go-for-test/ Where To Go For Test - sheinfo.ie - Free Pregnancy tests are available at Letterkenny Women's Centre, Cura and your GP. You can also buy home pregnancy tests at chemists.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/stis/ STIs - sheinfo.ie - If one person has an infection it can pass to another person through the close physical contact e.g. through sex - sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/stis/avoiding-stis/ Avoiding STIs - sheinfo.ie - The best way to avoid STIs is to use a condom every time you have sex. Remember you can't tell by looking at someone if they have an STI.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/stis/common-stis/ Different STIs - sheinfo.ie - We have information on Chlamydia, genital warts, genital herpes, gonorrhea, non-specific genital infections, pubic lice, trichomonas, syphilis, etc
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/stis/common-stis/chlamydia/ Chlamydia - sheinfo.ie - Chlamydia, is the most common bacterial STIs and is on the increase here in Ireland. Women aged 16-24 and men aged 20-34 are at the greatest risk.
  • http://www.sheinfo.ie/stis/common-stis/genital-herpes/ Genital Herpes - sheinfo.ie - Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. There are types of the virus, which affect the mouth and nose or the genital and anal area.

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  • Theresa K Becker - No longer contains a comprehensive list of common medications

    This is my first book review on Amazon, as I believe, as some clinicians will also believe, that this is a comprehensive list of medications and therapeutics; it is not.

  • MylesD - decent not anything great

    This stuff is over rated. I forgot until I received that I had this in the past. It's not had it just isn't all it is said to be. It does leave streaks on my windows. Better with water, small amount of vinger and a squeegee. Yes more work but if it needs to be perfect, that is what works

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