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ShiftCentral | The Market Intelligence Agency - ShiftCentral is the leading provider of outsourced market intelligence services for major organizations across the globe. The agency provides actionable insight in key sectors including health, financial services, investment attraction, and legal.

  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/agency About Us | ShiftCentral - ShiftCentral is the leading provider of outsourced market intelligence services for major organizations across the globe. Founded in 2000, the agency provides actionable insight in key sectors including health, financial services, investment attraction and professional services. "Content curators are the new superheroes of the web." – Fast Company
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/agency/management-team Management Team | ShiftCentral - Mario Thériault Founder and CEO (506) 855-1501, ext. [email protected]
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/agency/consultants Consultants | ShiftCentral - Jennifer Topper Business Development Consultant (732) [email protected]
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/agency/advisory-council Advisory Council | ShiftCentral - To better assist and advise our clients, ShiftCentral engages an active Advisory Council to provide forward-looking insight and perspective on new product and market strategies.
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/agency/alliance-partners Alliance Partners | ShiftCentral - Acritas provides research services to the world’s leading professional and financial services organizations. Offering both custom-made research programs and access to syndicated market data, Acritas has unrivalled insight into client attitudes and behaviors.
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/agency/our-offices Our Offices | ShiftCentral - ShiftCentral / United States One Post Office Square Suite 2100 Boston, MA 02109 USA Phone: 1-617-457-3831 ShiftCentral / Canada 210 John St., Suite 100 Moncton, NB Canada E1C 0B8 Phone: 1-866-551-5533
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/products-services Products and Services | ShiftCentral - Success in today’s marketplace is often measured by the right questions, and the best answers. What is happening across our industry? Where are our customers heading? Where are the next opportunities coming from? What are my competitors doing well? What is the regulatory outlook? Where can our clients find opportunities, and how can we help them gain an advantage?
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/lead-sectors Lead Sectors | ShiftCentral - ShiftCentral’s ability to convert information to intelligence allows you to stay ahead of the competition. Our immersion in your industry helps you stay on top of market developments, navigate through the ever-increasing and unending flow of information, and act on what is most important.
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/blog/healthcare-attorneys-anticipating-more-data-breaches Healthcare attorneys anticipating more data breaches | ShiftCentral - With patients’ medical records increasingly becoming a target of hackers due to the value of the information they hold, attorneys focused on the healthcare industry must be prepared to respond to the fallout of a breach. Healthcare records are a ripe target because the data on hand is permanent, personally identifiable information that offers multiple opportunities to be exploited by criminals. Unlike a credit card number that can be changed with a phone call, someone can’t easily switch their SIN number or date of birth.
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/blog/why-feedback-and-communication-are-key-effective-mi Why feedback and communication are key to effective MI | ShiftCentral - I was reading an article about journalism in The Atlantic when I realized how principles of journalism can be used in gathering data for Market Intelligence (MI) purposes. As in journalistic work, MI serves an audience. But unlike journalism, MI’s audience is strategic decision makers in firms and institutions. Many companies use automated services to gather data to inform their strategy, but such services often aren’t able to grasp a company’s objectives or read between the lines to find useful information. The human touch of analysts can help with that.
  • http://www.shiftcentral.com/blog/new-york-taking-lead-state-sets-out-cyber-security-regulations-banks-insurers New York taking the lead: State sets out cyber-security regulations for banks, insurers | ShiftCentral - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo set out a host of new cyber-security regulations for banks and insurance companies in a bid to protect consumer data and financial systems from crooks and terrorists.

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