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  • Bryan - Excellent cooler for Intel i5 3570k CPU -- superb performance/price ratio!

    This is probably the best air cooler for the money out on the market. I have an i5 3570k OC'd to 4.5 GHz at 1.35 Volts, and I'm getting Prime95 and AIDA64 temps in the mid 70s to low 80s (deg C) at 100% load, which is perfectly reasonable for an Ivy Bridge CPU.

  • Jodaich - Better than expected!

    I was scared purchasing these after reading mixed reviews but my boyfriend absolutely loves them. They are the perfect touch for his blacked out jeep!

  • Mariana - AWESOME!

    It's a very nice product, it smells good, it makes my hair looks good and it also drys faster. I'm definitely getting more of those. :)

  • Klairey - Contains quaternium-15 , releases formaldehyde

    I may be an overly cautious granola, tree hugging mommy, with that said, science and facts are undeniable. There is quarternium-15 in this partucular wash as well as many others, it releases formaldehyde.They say its such a small amount that it isn't harmful, which to me is silly, any amount is unacceptable ( I went through a bottle and a half before finding out and that's quite a bit ) . Look in the ingredients, then google the chemical or look it up however you wish it's all the same. I've found that Johnson and Johnson makes aveeno products and you'll see quarternium-15 in there shampoos/bubble baths as well. I found a vanilla oatmeal that j&j makes that doesn't contain it, other countries have outlawed it and eventually it will be phased out in the states ( according to the info I've found and read ) . So be aware look up the ingredients. CBS news did a report on this years ago, it was just shuffled under the rug. Please protect our babies !! I would have liked to rate this with no stars.

  • Josh Maher - Best of Many

    There are many great books written about Exchange Server 2010 and there is a lot of great documentation from the product team. This book is a required read for anyone who wants to gain real world knowledge that will directly assist them with their Exchange Server 2010 implementation. Joel and Seigfried guide the reader through the best practices for implementing and operating Exchange Server 2010 with gotchas and a clear demmonstration of years of Exchange experience.