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  • Peggy Pilger - Hooked for Life

    I started avidly watching H50 last season and I haven't stopped since. I was never into the old show, but this show delivers, beautifully. This season was no different and continued to dig deeper into the story of Chin and Gabriel as well as the personal conflicts for McGarrett. The fights are choreographed excellently and the plot is extensive. I cannot say enough good about Five-0. I will watch this show for life.

  • J. Goebel - Excellent story for our times! Here be spoilers!

    I was enthralled at first -- weaving an intricate story of lust, betrayal and murder, with characters you had genuine emotion for -- but then near the end, the author makes a chilling plot twist I never saw coming. The main protagonist? He was dead the whole time! It made one go back and re-read looking for all the tiny clues to this outcome they may have missed! Even though I let the cat out of the bag on the major plot twist, there's still plenty more -- the toilet seat was a sled, water is lethal to the aliens, a secret service agent is one of the terrorists, they actually make you care about the otherwise evil Firefly family -- that makes it worth the read.

  • Westcoaster28 - Pretty good, actually

    Pretty good, actually. The app seems to work as intended, and there are extras you don't get in the print magazine, including an audio and video complement to some of the articles. Also, there's a page at the end which has daily postings. Some of these crashed when trying to access, but the Kindle does that with other websites also. So, overall, pretty good.

  • kitty - Disappointing

    Padded with an exhausting amount of repetition. And padded with an exhausting amount of repetition. Also, padded with an exhausting amount of repetition. Really disappointed.

  • Barb - Almost like the characters were clichés

    Story is okay. I thought the plot line was weak for Craig Johnson. Not much as far as character development. Almost like the characters were clichés. I have read all the Longmire novels and this one's definitely not the best Longmire novel. Almost felt "forced."

  • Zak Perez - Great product! I believe Every woman should use it

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