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  • CRexgirl - So imaginative, and what an adventure!

    This book sucked me in from the very first couple of pages, and kept me riveted until the end. About three-quarters of the way through it I was enjoying it so much, and so desperately didn't want this story to end, that I was compelled to find a way to contact the author. I was able to find his email address and sent him a note thanking him for such a wonderful story and asking him to please write a sequel. I was thrilled that he wrote back!

  • C. Ruppel - 2007 Dodge Ram1500 quad cab

    I saw some reviews about how the speaker box was damaged upon receipt. Mine came in excellent condition, so no problems there. The sound is pretty good, but it seems to have too much low end and I wonder if it would benefit from some ports. Other than that, I can't complain. Fits my 2007 Ram1500 Quad cab like a glove. There is still a little room under the rear seat to put straps, tie downs. The Sony Xplod speakers I put in the box, fit flush with the bottom of the seat.

  • T. K. - Great preventive tool

    We paid a lot more than $400 for the comb when it first came out more than 5-7? yrs ago. If your hairs are just about all gone, this is not going to help you get them back. But if you start on Rogaine + the comb at the first sign of serious hair loss, you will get to keep somewhere around 75% to 90% of what you have right now. BTW--don't buy store brand/generic Rogain, they don't work as well as the real stuff.

  • Cheryl - Best whitener I've ever used!

    Love this! Teeth are brighter in only 3 days! I like that it's a natural product. I get very sensitive from whitening gels/strips and can't use them. I could tell immediately in my bathroom mirror they were whitening , but while driving in natural daylight I glanced in my rear view mirror and thought how bright my teeth looked already!! Very pleased! They feel so clean and smooth. Very, very pleased with this purchase! And such a nice company to buy from. You will not be disappointed!