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Skin Centre|Skin Cancer & Melanoma Dermatologists - Skin Centre Dermatologists care for all skin cancers, melanoma, basal and squamous cell carcinoma skin conditions. Appearance medicine and cosmetic surgery you can trust.

  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/cosmetic/ Cosmetic Surgery, Appearance Medicine & Skin Care - Cosmetic Procedures include cosmetic surgery, appearance medicine and skin care. You're in safe hands with the best cosmetic expertise in Tauranga & the Bay.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/Skin_Cancer/ Types Of Skin Cancer - Melanoma, Basal & Squamous Carcinoma - Sun damage causes Skin Cancer including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Specialists at the Skin Centre can advise which treatment is best.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/Skin_Conditions/ Chronic Skin Conditions Require Specialist Treatment. - Chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne require specialist skin treatment. Experienced dermatologists at the Skin Centre are here to help.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/skin-care-clinics/ NZ Skin Care Clinics Operated By Skin Centre - NZ Specialist Skin Care Clinics operated by Skin Centre are open in convenient centres around the country.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/About_us/ Specialist Dermatology Practice Tauranga. - Skin Centre Tauranga is the largest specialist Dermatology practice in NZ. The entire team is expertly trained in skin cancer, skin conditons and cosmetic procedures.
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/Contact_us/ Specialists in skin cancer, skin conditions, cosmetic procedures - Skin Centre - Specialists in skin cancer, skin conditions, cosmetic procedures
  • http://www.skincentre.com/page/mohs-surgery/ Mohs Surgery, Advanced Treatment for Facial Skin Cancer. - Mohs Surgery offers complete eradication of facial skin cancer. This advanced treatment is available at the Tauranga Skin Centre.

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  • Linda - The lighting

    The models are always filmed with soft light, which makes anyone look flawless. The doctor needs to use It on his own neck. Not worth the money

  • Chantell Henry - One of my Favorities!

    A lot of people on here is saying that they have received a fake product... maybe I'm just lucky but I bought from this seller twice and received the correct product twice... Anyway on to the review... I LOVE this stuff. It makes my hair so soft and makes it feel so moisturized. I have type 4 hair (Kinky) and this conditioner makes my normally dry hair feel so soft that I can't keep my hands out of my hair! It also smells really good. The only thing that I don't like is how expensive it is

  • Jenna M. Wilcox - Not a good solution for me.

    I was excited to give this product a try as many of my friends had success. I only gained weight and felt very bad. After doing more research I learned that the product isn't gluten free as it is processed in a shared facility. I also learned that the amount of soy in the shake mix causes a weight gain/bloat issue for some.

  • Patricia - Nauseaa_aaaaa

    Went to GNC and tried this product off the employees recommendation. I defiantly feel a boost in energy. First day I took the two pills as recommended, but also had a cup of coffee and my 8oz. of green tea....yeah not a good idea, too much caffeine. Had the jitters and some nausea. Next day I just had a cup of coffee and took the two pills, didn't feel the jitters and had a ton of energy. Later that day I went to the gym as I normally do and did my run on the treadmill. Towards the end of my workout I felt like I was gonna puke, thought it was because I ate prior to working out which sometimes does that to me. Today I woke up took the two pills and about a half hour later went outside to run. Couldn't finish 3 miles and I kept having to stop and sit down from nausea and feeling like I was going to puke up my organs. I normally run 5 miles with a slow down in between. I had to stop my run at 3 and sit for an hour before the nausea went away. I'm going to have to have to try something else because the nausea is too much when I work out. The other things I noticed is it makes my nose run constantly leaving me constantly having to blow my nose. I also feel like even taking this early in the morning still leaves me having a hard time falling asleep as I normally would when you just close your eyes because you're really tired. I woke up several times during the night on this.

  • Trevor - I just hated the fishing pole that came with the stock Colorados

    I experience a loss of signal very rarely but it does happen. I just hated the fishing pole that came with the stock Colorados. This looks MUCH better!