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  • Preferred Customer - A good book

    This book can serve as a good guidance for those who want to try anti-candida diet. The only part I didn't like was the recommended way to ferment our own vegetables. I even bought the culture and followed all instructions and watched the interview on Gaia tv to make sure that I do it right. The veggies turned super stinky and caused fatigue and abdominal pains. Other than that part, the book is very educational and helpful in fighting yast/ candida.

  • Jo Ann - Not too shabby, Comfortable indeed.

    I'm quite pleased with this mouse pad. Not only did I receive the correct one, it doesn't smell half bad either ;) As of day 1 of owning this, I would definitely recommend this particular model to a friend.

  • Constance Chappell - Happy with my scores

    I am returning to grad school next year after a long hiatus from any kind of formal education (I received my undergraduate degree in 1991) so although I generally have been pretty successful with standardized tests, I was a little nervous about the GRE, in particular about the quantitative analysis portion. I haven't had a math class in over 25 years, since I majored in literature and communications as an undergrad, and was in an honors curriculum which allowed me write papers about math instead of taking a "real" math class.

  • Jane English - Microsoft Office Professional 2010 IS AN EASY UPGRADE

    My corporate computer advisor recommended the 2010 MS Office version over the latest 2013. It has been an easy transition. I am looking forward to learning how to use all the extra features but am keeping up with the basics with an seamless learning curve experience.

  • fortheloveofabook - Absolutely, achingly beautiful!

    I've been afraid to write this review. I've been afraid of confronting my own feelings that this meticulously well-written book brought to the surface. Because this is more than a book. This is life. This is marriage. Relationships. It's sex. It is the big stuff we all experience and feel no matter what the particulars in our lives may be.