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  • austin - great card holder case

    Great case. Solid protection on the back. Decent size lip on the sides of the phone. All this at a solid price for the type of case you are getting as well. I am super pleased. I do recommend a screen protector with it as well since it does not cover the front of the phone. overall this is an excellent case.

  • jabari - Recording Keeping A Must!

    You neve enough check registers from the bank. Since Debit Cards being used for cash, it's impertative that I have more check registers. I still use this paper system for my records. This was a good buy for the money when compared to making the purchase from the bank. You get more sheets and they are very visable.

  • RTRUE - An educated user has become a fan!!!

    I've seen some negative reviews of this product and assume that there must be some type of error in the application process. We haven't experienced any of the reported issues. We have only used about 4 gallons, so I'm not saying an issue might not be in our future.

  • paul - Not bad. You just dont only use spray.

    You can't just spray and think they're going to die. Remove everything out of each room and spray the entire house for 3-4 weeks until bugs are gone. Vacuum, steam, and spray pillows and beds and cover with bed bugs cases. Don't bring anything back into the house until you go 2 weeks without seeing one. Then wash and dry ALL clothing before you bring them in the house.

  • Nope.. - Dont buy into it...

    I've been on thrive for 2 weeks now and have felt NO different. The only thing I've noticed is intense breast pain/tenderness. No energy boost as they say, no "i feel so good!" (Like all the promoters say) nothing...except my breast feel like they've been ran over by a steam roller. I am tired and sleepy by 2pm everyday as I always am. Please don't waist your money!

  • Amazon Customer - A Slim Version of What Most SP People Know

    Although there are a few decent tid-bits of knowledge here e.g. the Sharepoint Tab Page chapter, most of the material here is a rehash of what most of us that have been in the SharePoint space for 1.5+ years should know. I bought the book primarily becase I saw both Mark Miller and Marc D. Anderson had penned it, but I have seen much better material from both individuals on their sites/blogs that have a far greater impact. For example, Marc Anderson's work in the SP object model with his codeplex/jquery libraries that work with the SP classes on the client-side would haver been a great addition to this book. It would be quite welcome if the author Mark Miller take comments such as these to really put out the 'book' for us that are the hackers/client side guys/gals that do the Asif Rehmani thing - we do not do Visual Studio, but rely on the UI, SharePoint Designer and jquery to craft solutions.

  • Erin Stokes - Awesome space saver vacuum bags!!

    I've used a couple different space saving compression bags that don't have the pump, and honestly, they're ok for some things, but not for my sheets and comforters, coats, and sweaters. I was so excited to try these vacuum space saver bags by California Basis. Shipping was fast and I received a box of a 15 vacuum bag bundle with a manual pump. There's 1 jumbo bag, 3 XL bags, 4 large bags, 4 med, 2 suitcase roll ups, and 1 small roll up bag. These things are great. They're great quality, nice and thick, and work perfect for my sweaters, scarves, hats, coats, blankets, etc,. The vacuum pump really gets your items to a manageable size so I can store them without using a bunch of space. I can store my winter items in my storage bin and my bedding under the bed which is great because my closet isn't packed full. I don't have to worry about moisture, these bags protect your items from mold, mildew, bacteria, dust, moisture, and keep your clothes like new. It's so easy to travel using these bags too. Even the pump fits great into your luggage bag. I highly recommend these. Easy to use, and very convenient, a great way to organize. These would make a great gift. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review and my opinions are my own.