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Commercial Diving Equipment. Commercial Dive Supplies - SMP: Commercial Diving Equipment, Hyperbaric Chambers, underwater tools and subsea equipment. Also supply leading brands such as Coltri Compressors, Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets, C-Tecnics, Cortland, Bowtech, Birns and Stanley Hydraulic Tools. Providing commercial diving helmets, dive systems, hydrulic tools, air compressors and much more worldwide. Contact us for a quote for any products on our website or any bespoke commercial diving products you need manufacturing. Submarine Manufacturing & Products (SMP), Preston, Lancashire UK

  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/welcome.php Commercial Diving Equipment - Diving Helmets, underwater tools and air compressors - Submarine Manufacturing are a leading supplier of commercial diving equipment, hyperbaric chambers manufacturer, Coltri Compressors & Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets and much more.
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/events.php Diving Events that SMP will be attending - Here is a list of diving events that SMP will be attending in the near future including dive shows, dive exhibitions, dive conferences
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/meettheteam.php SMP LTD Staff Profiles - Submarine Manufacturing & Products, Preston, Lancashire - We know Submarine Manufacturing & Products (SMP) is a great place to work and we are all here to help you. Come and meet the people that make up our wonderful team
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/jobs.php SMP LTD, Preston - Job Vacancies. Jobs in Preston - Manufacturers of Commercial Diving Equipment - Jobs near Preston. SMP operate a factory and offices in Kirkham, Lancashire. Check out our website for current job vacancies and opportunities
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/hyperbaric-chambers.php Benefits of Hyperbaric Medicine, Hyperbaric Treatments and Hyperbaric Oxygen therpay (HBOT) - SMP Hyperbaric Tunnelling Chambers are designed and manufactured according to specific customer’s requirement. Whether three, two or single person capacity from 2 people up to 40 people, pressures up to 10 Bar and more, please let us know your requirements and we will work out a design tailor-made for you.
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/category/catid/47/catname/Commercial-Diving-Equipment/ Commercial Diving Equipment | Underwater Tools | Dive Supply - SMP are suppliers of commercial diving equipment and underwater tools to professional, commercial, technical and industrial divers worldwide. Our commercial diving equipment range includes diving helmets, air compressors, air cylinders, underwater tools, lighting and camera systems. Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP LTD) - Commercial Diving Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers. Based in Lancashire, UK
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/category/catid/279/catname/Boats-And-Inflatables/ Commercial Diving Boats. Workboats for commercial diving contractors. - We supply boats and inflatables which are specifically designed for commercial diving operations. Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP LTD) - Commercial Diving Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers. Based in Lancashire, UK
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/category/catid/117/catname/Breathing-Air-Compressors/ Coltri Compressor | Diving Air Compressor | Breathing Air Compressor | Dive Compressor | UK - SMP supply a range of Coltri Diving Air Compressors including high pressure and low pressure dive compressors. From portable electric and petrol diving compressors to large filling stations. We can also supply a range of different sizes of air cylinders, filling connectors and filling adapters, filling hoses to suit most dive compressor systems. Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP LTD) - Commercial Diving Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers. Based in Lancashire, UK
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/product/productid/1657/productname/18-22-Man-Hyperbaric-Reception-Facility-%28HRF%29/ 18-22 Man Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) - Hyperbaric Reception Facilities - SMP have designed, manufactured and installed Hyperbaric Reception Facility systems for two seperate International commercial diving companies. - Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP LTD) - Commercial Diving Equipment
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/category/catid/53/catname/Saturation-Diving-Systems/ Saturation Diving System | Saturation Diving Systems | Saturated Diving Equipment | UK - SMP design and manufacture saturation diving systems for the commercial diving industry. We also manufacture saturated diving equipment to individual client requirements and welcome any enquiries and invite you to visit our premises to view first hand our range of saturation diving equipment and production premises. We are members of International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and Association of Diving Contractors (ADC). We manufacture all of our equipment to the highest possible standards and carry out rigorous in-house testing and certification of all our saturated diving equipment. Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP LTD) - Commercial Diving Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers. Based in Lancashire, UK
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/product/productid/1972/productname/Transfer-Under-Pressure-TUP-Diving-System/ Transfer Under Pressure TUP Diving System - TUP - Transfer Under Pressure - The Closed Bell TUP Diving System is a compact modular design for rapid deployment to DPII vessels of opportunity or other suitable diving platforms. - Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP LTD) - Commercial Diving Equipment
  • http://www.smp-ltd.com/product/productid/225/productname/Kirby-Morgan-Basic-Helmet-Maintenance-and-Repair-Course/ Kirby Morgan Basic Helmet Maintenance and Repair Course - Training Courses - SMP is an authorised Kirby Morgan training centre for delivering courses for Kirby Morgan helmet maintenance and repair. The course which is run over 2 days can have up to 4 individuals training at the same time. - Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP LTD) - Commercial Diving Equipment

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  • Mike - Comparing the Acurite 0613 to the Extech 445815

    I bought the Extech moisture meter first, and I always thought the readings seemed off, but it was the expert, right? Anyway, I wanted a second moisture meter so I wouldn't need to keep taking the Extech back and forth between the bedroom and the living room. So, I ordered the less expensive Acurite 00613 from Amazon ($10 versus $40), and inadvertently ordered two. When they arrived, I planned to send one back.

  • Tweeny - Ladies: Toss your pink girly shavers, this big ugly man-style shaver is the BEST!

    From a female perspective: I rely a lot on other Amazon reviewers, and appreciate the reviews that led me to purchasing this. Best shaver I've ever found. No need to buy the frilly "women only" shavers at all. I've always shaved every day, but with these, I could skip every other day if I wanted to. Nice sharp edges, super close shave, and does a nice smooth job on all body areas - no nicks or razor bumps. Fantastic price, too. Will use these forever.

  • Tabitha - Horrific Antivirus

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC. DO NOT INSTALL THIS PRODUCT. My friend had me download it out of kindness but I had started noticing that it wasn't picking up or cleaning anything after a while. When I tired to uninstall it, it never went away. Just when I thought I did, it started acting like a VIRUS. when I switched to Avast, it scanned and found tons of viruses and updates my computer really needed. After I tried to update it, it was prevented by this product that still stayed. After I tried to factory reset my laptop, my computer pretty much refused and now it's like it's protecting itself from being cleaned out by any means. It will no let me in certain areas of my computer, it will not let me connect to any form of internet, and it had been rendered completely useless. It even deleted my Avast from my computer with out me doing anything. Now thanks to this, I have no computer and I have to save up to buy a new one. DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. SAVE THE MONEY, GET AVAST OR NORTON

  • RBrantley - Works Like A Charm

    Ordered on Tues. it got here Thurs. Followed instructions on card to set up and it works perfectly! GREAT!!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - I have been feeding my Boston Terrier this brand/flavor for ...

    I have been feeding my Boston Terrier this brand/flavor for a couple months now. I can tell a big difference in her coat and it has helped with her allergies. I was a little upset at first because it is Kangaroo meat. I have been told the kangaroos in Australia are equivalent to our deer here in the states. Helped to put things in perspective. I saved about $25 buying this product from Amazon verses the retail store near my house. This food is becoming very popular, so therefore it is harder to find.

  • Hawk - Would recommend this product.

    Great product. Easy installation. Deeper intake sound over stock intake. Slight but still noticeable throttle response & power increase. Love the look, sound, and power increase of this intake. I looked at the Arrington Performance CAI, Volant, JLT, AFE, and K&N. I chose the Mopar and would definitely recommend this intake. Added plus it is a no hassle Mopar warranty compliant product.

  • Mirrek Balderson - Gameplay is fun but servers amd menus are awful.

    I enjoy the gameplay but the menus are so bad and I have been consistently kicked out of games because of the server. Not sure if I will return yet, gonna wait to see if servers improve, if not I will return.