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Sol y Mar Apartamentos Menorca - Apartamentos en Los Deflines Menorca. Apartamentos en Calan Blanes Forcat. Completamente exteriores y con amplias terrazas, piscina y amplio jardín.

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City: 8.6833 Hesse, Germany

  • Leanne - This was a lifesaver!

    I have a male cat that ended up with crystals in his urine, causing pain and resulting in him going outside of the litter box. I am still trying to locate all the places he peed, but so far the spots that I have saturated with this product have not started to smell again. I'm optimistic that when I treat all the spots, the lingering urine smell will be gone and I won't have to start replacing carpet. You do have to use a lot of the product and I used a turkey baster that came with a pointed tip for injecting meat so that I can puncture the backing of the carpet and get it all the way through to the padding.

  • ErinT - Love it but one star....

    I dearly love it. I love the vibrating alarm, my husband can sleep through the early morning when I get up for work undisturbed! I love challenging myself to beat yesterday's steps, it's gotten me on the treadmill more times in the last month than the whole year prior to having it.

  • Deborah - Preferably for the scalp only

    It burned at first the scalp,but gradually using it, there was no burning. I used it mainly in my scalp because it was very thick and i used it every morning in my scalp to keep the scalp moisturized and soft. It was used once on my hair but left the hair too clamped like vaseline so the hair was not bouncy but extremely clammy. It is well suited for the scalp only not for the hair. The content is orange and thick just like vaseline doesnt not really has a scent.

  • KristiBooks - Better than I ever imagined!!

    This book is beyond amazing. I mean, I know to expect top notch writing from this author and off the charts steamy sexiness, but THIS book. I made assumptions about this one.

  • Linda L - Anyone looking for a product like this obviously needs it and I hope you are ...

    There are a lot of mixed reviews on whether or not this worked. Personally I lost my hair due to a medical condition and medication I took. After using this oil I absolutely believe it worked for me. My hair has grown at least 1 1/2 inches in length and the regrowth has grown a tremendous amount in the past 2 months. I can't say if it caused new growth, but I already had some regrowth and that definitely grew longer faster. I use it 2-3 per week, just rubbing it all over my scalp at night before bed. You have to wash your hair the next morning or it will be greasy looking. Anyone looking for a product like this obviously needs it and I hope you are lucky like me!

  • L. Frey - Perfect for us!

    First, I must admit, this stroller just arrived today, But! we put 4.5 miles on it this evening including in downpour rain. I'm one of those people who hate accumulating lots and lots of gear, but this stroller was needed to replace two others we own. We have a Schwinn fixed wheel jogger we got in 2008 and a Joovy Ultralight Caboose, we got last summer. Both were decent strollers but weren't cutting it for us. The Schwinn was great when we lived right near an area with straight paths, and I ran pretty often. Fast foward to last summer when we moved into an urban area and walk often including to and from my husband's work 9 blocks from us, and our Joovy was our second car. It was great for awhile but our boys now almost 3 and 6 are outgrowing it. Our 3 year old's legs are generally dangling in the wheels and our 6 year old is used to walking further distances now. Enter the MB Mini Stroller, it is SO light, I can easily steer around anything, it's almost effortless, even with one hand. It keeps my little guys feet away from the wheel and there is a nice foot platform. The wheels are amazing...I was hesitant to buy a stroller without air filled tires, because of issues we had with the Joovy, but these handle sidewalk issues, from gutters to uneven concrete, even curb lips. I even ran with it on a park path and there was no front wheel wobble issues (the wheel does not lock) the break is super secure but I could engage and release it easily while wearing minimalist shoes. (I could only stand to release the Schwinn ones with my hands) The cargo net is shallow looking but today I had my stroller essentials, small first aid kit, wipes, the boys rain coats, a small blanket, umbrella, and then ended up adding my husband's lunch bag, a full size umbrella, and a 12" pizza. Once we got caught in the rain we even strapped my older son's Mini Kick Scooter to the back of it using the wrist safety strap. We did have the three year old hold an umbrella to keep dry, as we didn't have a rain cover. I also added a set of Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks to hang our Kleen Kanteens from. My only complaint was how you adjust the straps, but only a small annoyance. Oh! when it is collapsed (super easy to do) it stands upright all on its own! Now I'm looking foward to walking around the city again without having to constantly lift the stroller over every sidewalk bump (Joovy) or lifting/dragging it (Fixed wheel Schwinn) around people and obstacles, plus no tight back muscles since it is light and effortless!

  • book lover - I never thought I'd write a review for a Ouija board but...

    First off, a Ouija board is not a toy! I have not really used one seriously since around 1989. I can tell you that several absolutely unexplainable things happened of which I will not go into too much detail in this particular forum. While all of the things that happened were freaky, one in particular involved driving to a location that the board spelled out for myself and my girlfriend (at the time). We didn't know if the address actually existed but thought we'd go there since it wasn't too far away if it really did exist (this was before the days of the Internet when I could have looked it up on Yahoo or Mapquest). When we got there, we could not believe that the address was real, but neither of us was willing to get out of the car and knock on the door (looking back, I almost wish we had). When we got back to her place, the first thing the board spelled out was, "I saw you outside my window." This is not a joke. This happened and it is one of several incidents. My girlfriend got scared and didn't want to play anymore and I've not really touched the board since. I can't explain the things that happened. I only know that several unexplainable things occurred and that I am telling the truth. The unknown is fun and exciting, but it can also be scary and dangerous! Play at your own risk!