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Somaliland Development Fund - Home - The objective of the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) is improved and better resourced core state functions for the people of Somaliland

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  • N. U. - Works great with optical PCM input

    I'm splitting my TV audio optical output between my home theatre and this Bluetooth transmitter. The device works great with the digital format set to PCM and it has excellent support from the seller. There's no discernible lag and this works even better than my TV's inbuilt Bluetooth. Once paired, the RTX Mini reconnects very quickly when I turn on my TV (which powers the transmitter via USB).

  • shrklover9 - but I love that it's got a strong flavor

    This tea has a long steep time (up to 10 minutes), but I love that it's got a strong flavor. It doesn't need any sweetener or cream, as it's lovely on its own. I have found that it will make me urinate more frequently (sorry to be graphic, but this information might be helpful to some), but that's to be expected with a detox tea. Just be aware of this if you decide to drink a cup close to bedtime.