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Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust - Southern Health provide community health, specialist mental health and learning disability services for people across the south of England.

  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/about/ About - Find out more about who we are, what we do, as well as information on policies, board meetings and how we work in partnership with other organisations
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/commissioners/ For Commissioners - why choose Southern Health - We strongly believe in partnership working. We work closely with patients and service users, local authorities, third sector organisations, local education and other NHS Trusts because we feel that working together provides the best experience for the people who use our services.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/referrers/ GPs and referrers - Information for GPs and referrers about our Trust services, how to refer to them and access our clinical policies and procedures.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/work-for-us/ Work for us - Search our current vacancies and find out what it's like working for Southern Health
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/research/ Research - We believe research is the key to improving patient care. Our research helps us understand how to diagnose, treat, cure and prevent disease.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/staff/ Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust - Staff website - Resources, advice and information for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust staff
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/feedback/ Give us feedback - Find contact details for the Trust, including Trust headquarters, PALS and Complaints, and media contacts
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/services/ Our services - Find out more about the services we offer, including community, mental health, learning disability, social care and local hospital based services.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/care/ Your care and treatment - Find out more about the care and treatment we provide, from coming to hospital to understanding your rights
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/health-and-wellbeing/ Health and wellbeing - Find out more about why it's important to keep a healthy body and healthy mind, how we fight stigma and how you can get involved with the Trust and its services.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/caring/ Caring for someone - If you're caring for someone, it's important you get the advice, information and support you need to help in your caring role.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/get-involved/ Get involved - We want local people to have their say when it comes to running our Trust and developing our services. Find out how you can get involved.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/services/find/ Find services - User our service finder to browse the types of service we have and to get contact details and team bases
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/services/referral/ Referral and assessment - Find out more about how to access our services and what you can expect during an assessment
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/care/hospital/ Coming to hospital - Coming to hospital can be an unsettling time, both for yourself and your family, friends or carers. We want to ensure that you feel as relaxed, reassured and comfortable as possible during your stay.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/care/spirituality/ Spiritual support - Spirituality often has different meanings to different people. At Southern Health, we believe the individual is the expert when it comes to their culture, religion or spirituality.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/care/your-rights/ Understanding your rights - Get information and advice on what you can expect when you use our services, from maintaining your privacy and dignity to the Mental Health Act
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/care/your-condition/ Understanding your condition - Find out more about your health problem, condition or illness using NHS Choices
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/feedback/customer-experience/contact-us/ Giving us your feedback - If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/news/samba16/ Lymington Hospital’s acute care wards recognised in national audit - Patients receiving acute care at Southern Health's Lymington Hospital can be assured of being seen quickly, diagnosed and on the right treatment well within the national guidelines after the Medical Admissions Unit has come top in a recent national audit undertaken by the Society of Acute Medicine (SAM).
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/news/chathealth/ ChatHealth young people’s text messaging service launches in Hampshire - Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust's (SHFT) School Nursing Service has launched ChatHealth, a text messaging service to support young people in Hampshire. The aim is to improve access to health information and support for young people aged 11-19 years.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/news/knkyvideo/ Knowing Me Knowing You post natal support group shortlisted for Patient Experience Award - A patient driven perinatal support scheme for women who have low mood and anxiety issues after giving birth has been shortlisted for a patient experience award in mental health.
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/about/performance/cqc/ Care Quality Commission - The Care Quality Commission regulate all of the services we provide to patients and service users, making sure they meet government standards
  • http://www.southernhealth.nhs.uk/foi/ Freedom of information - Freedom of information Act (FOIA) gives members of the public the right to ask for information that is held by public sector organisations such as Local Councils, Police and the NHS.

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