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Specialty Pharmacy Continuum - Specialty Pharmacy Continuum (SPC), strives to provide accurate, relevant, and up-to-date clinical and business information to specialty pharmacists, home infusion practitioners, managed care organizations and other key providers of specialty pharmacy.

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  • Zhi Zheng - Great face scrub

    I love this face scrub to use in the morning, because I don't think it's necessary to "deep clean" my face after sleep. This is less powerful than neutrogena deep clean but I think it provides more conditioning. Great price and helps keep my face smooth and clean in the morning.

  • mtr2116 - THIS STUFF WORKS!

    I'm a young black woman with lots of acne scars as well as melasma from birth control pills. My hyperpigmentation was horrible and was on my face and back. I used this stuff religiously. To be honest, I used it for months because my scars were that bad. I saw a difference within a few weeks, and after maybe 2 months, my back was completely smooth and even-toned. My face took a little longer, but I can also saw that I now leave the house without makeup, which I never did before. It not only evens your skin tone but your texture. It's expensive but I wholeheartedly​ can say that it lives up to expectation.

  • Street Power - Not As Good As My Old Dirtpaws

    I bought these to replace some old Fox Dirtpaws. I don’t like them. The wrist closure is not Velcro. The faux Velcro has to be lined up exactly right to engage and close around the wrist. I have been using them for about six weeks. The little rubber nubbies on the fingers have worn off where they contact the clutch and the brake.

  • C. Ross - So happy with this dog food

    My dog has allergies galore. Her vet suggested a exotic food, Found this brand in a holistic dog food store, and the ingredients in it are all grain free and nothing she has allergies too! Her allergies are under control finally (with the help of medicine as well). So happy with this dog food, and she loves it as well.