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Prva Hrvatska Udruga za bolesti kralješnice - Spinoteka - Udruga za bolesti kralježnice Spinoteka Vama i Vašim bližnjima donosi najtočnije i najrazumljivije informacije kako biste mogli razumjeti, spriječiti i nositi se s bolestima kralježnice. Jasno, i na Vama razumljivom jeziku objasniti ćemo Vam što uzrokuje probleme s kralješnicom i kako se s tim problemima možete nositi.

Country:, Europe, HR

City: 15.5 , Croatia

  • Digital Controller - Pretty good for minor scratches - but that is it

    Pretty good for minor scratches - but that is it. It does not heal anything that is deep whatsoever. If you drag you fingernail over the scratch and it gets caught you probably cannot fix that with this kit.

  • Julia Ehrenfeld - As expected, arrived on time, all ok.

    I know this product, I think it works if you take it when you feel you will get sick, it kind of prevents you from getting sick. Seems to work. Orange is the best flavor.

  • Ray Sladky - If your expecting more for $100, your crazy.

    This software is not intended for you to build a house, but it is close. Excellent capability to create a plan that you can take to a builder / architect. I used this to plan a summer home with an exposed basement and the software allowed me to model the slopes and set the building elevation fairly easily. Home Designer gives you the ability to check out possibilities and get a very good idea of what you want before you get serious with a builder.

  • TMSpencer - Classic

    I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't like it.......the proof is in the listening and how the sound waves massage the brain.....let me go.

  • Amazon Customer - Great shake, and you can add many things without changing inch calorie count. I use Sugar free chocolate syrup, cinnamon, fruit

    I have been using Visalus shakes for a few years - mainly b/c I have has 3 back surgeries and needed the extra protein and vitamins. So it has helped. Plus if I'm in a lot of pain it's my go to drink to keep me going

  • Alexander T. Baird - Good Ancillary for Laptop Users

    The Samsung chromebook is a solid accessory for laptop users who want a lightweight alternative that provides more functionality than most tablets and smartphones. The only thing to keep in mind is that this is a connected product that depends on a connection to the Google online services to be useful.