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  • Brianna - Does not work and they do not honor their guarantee

    I do not recommend that anyone order this. It did not clear my husbands nails and, when I asked the company to honor their guarantee, I was first told that my husband must not have followed their instructions. When I insisted he did, the customer disservice rep told me that if their product didn't clear the fungus my hubby must have some bizarre skin condition and he should go see a skin specialist. A total waste of money.

  • Chip - To be sure of maintaining best health vs cost

    My wife is a 3rd generation of MS. We use two of the IVL products, the Ruby and the Vest. If she stays on those two, daily three times, her MS symptoms are kept at bay. Once, we substituted Original for the Zest and it took about two months for her old symptoms to return. Once we realized the mix up, it took nearly three months for a rather full recovery. The Ruby, when left out, began increasing pain in her hips again. It took about 10 days to realize it was also important. I know the Zest is critically important for her daily life to be mostly normal. To be sure of maintaining best health vs cost, she takes doses three times a day, all three Original, Vest and Ruby, and about 3/4 scoop for each. I am not positive the value of the Original. We stopped trying to change anything. She leads a rather normal life now. Hope this helps.

  • R. L. Sweezy - Cheap, Not Well Made, Could be a costly mistake in water damage, Lucky to get two stars, since it might be a freak one-time fail

    Provided a set to one of my customers (along with a new Shurflo 12V pump) and one hose end just fell off...Pumps are well made, the "Siliencing" hoses are Poorly made at the plastic ends that attach to the hose itself.

  • R. Williams - Part of my gout prevention!!

    I developed gout in the past 4 years. I haven't tried any prescribed medication so I went the natural route. I currently use This product and tart cherry juice concentrate. I had a recent flair up ( I had run out of cherry juice and the turmeric/curcumin pills). I bought both again and my gout cleared up in a few days. Will be buying this monthly as a preventative measure!

  • Tim Knight - An Important and Engaging Read

    I just finished reading the best-selling Coming Apart by Charles Murray. I confess to not having heard of the book until I saw it in the store, but the cover of a champagne glass and a crumbled beer can instantly suggested to me that I was going to enjoy this new examination of the United States and its sociological disintegration of the past half-century.