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  • Angelo Giambra - Acronis Fails The Test

    I am a retired software engineer. At work we used to use Acronis and so I purchased True Image 2016 recently for my home PC (Windows 10). I have since removed it. Why?

  • Steffy - I really like this, it is great for my kids hubby ...

    I really like this, it is great for my kids hubby and myself. I really like how it has a holder and seperator for the tools too. So they aren't shoved in a drawer somewhere and get all gross. I really appreciate it! This is a great thing to use to keep your teeth and gums healthy! Thank you!

  • Nicole Martinez - I love Swiffer!

    I remember some years ago when the Swiffer came out and was being marketed by Tupperware; it seemed really cool and futuristic and it still does! The Swiffer sweeper probably cannot replace your broom because some things are just too big to be picked up, but it does a great job at picking up anything a regular broom missed so all you need is a quick, imperfect sweep and then running the Swiffer over your floor will leave it clean and bare.

  • 24pants - A very great apocalypse movie if you like John Cusack!

    A very great apocalypse movie! I'm a huge John Cusack enthusiast so this movie was definitely for me! 2012 is heartwarming, and reassuring that not all comes to an end at the end of the world! 2 thumbs way up!

  • Dr. Digdug - The benchmark.

    First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 books have been the core component of many medical student's study kit for the first board exam. The 2009 edition is no different. There are some updates, some changes from the 2007 version (the oldest one I have), but the clear layout and the characteristic style of the First Aid books have been untouched. Concepts are presented in nibbles of paragraph-sized information--easy to study and absorb.