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  • http://www.springwise.com/smart-radiator-valves-regulate-temperature-room-room/ Smart radiator valves regulate temperature room by room | Springwise - French company, Netatmo, has collaborated with Philippe Starck on smart radiator valves that help users save energy.
  • http://www.springwise.com/synthetic-cream-mimics-suppleness-youthful-skin/ Synthetic cream mimics suppleness of youthful skin | Springwise - Researchers from Living Proof and MIT have developed synthetic polymers that recreate the elasticity of youthful skin, forming invisible, water resistant layers upon cream-like application.
  • http://www.springwise.com/worlds-first-wind-hydro-plant-built-germany/ World’s first wind-hydro plant built in Germany | Springwise - A power plant that will allow wind turbines to generate energy even on windless days.
  • http://www.springwise.com/finding-job-france-via-emoticons/ Finding a job in France via emoticons | Springwise - For 24 hours in September 2016, La Banque Postale sent a list of opportunities to jobseekers who tweeted three emoticons describing their job search criteria.
  • http://www.springwise.com/interview-bren-smith/ Interview with Bren Smith | Springwise - We caught up with Bren Smith, the Executive Director of GreenWave, to discuss innovation and food production in the age of climate change.
  • http://www.springwise.com/government-funded-theatre-tickets-italian-teenagers/ Government funded theatre tickets for Italian teenagers | Springwise - Italian government launches 18app, a scheme which offers 18 year olds money to spend on cultural activities.
  • http://www.springwise.com/bike-lock-gases-potential-thieves/ Bike lock gases potential thieves | Springwise - When cut, San Francisco startup SkunkLock’s bike lock releases noxious gases strong enough to make a would-be thief vomit.
  • http://www.springwise.com/crowdsourcing-mistakes-translation/ Crowdsourcing campaign rectifies translation errors | Springwise - South Korean capital, Seoul, offers prizes for those who spot mistakes in translated signs around the city.

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  • Trustnu - I wouldn't have believed it

    I have an employee that suffers from migraines and allergies and can not always do her job and she is a very hard worker. I'm always looking for products to relieve her pain and symptoms. I saw this on youtube and I read reviews and ask family members about it and 1 person said that they knew a guy that had been taking it for 10 years and has never been sick sense. Of course I thought that was an exaggeration but not I'm not so sure. I have NEVER been able to sleep with ever a window cracked in my home at now without have a violent allergy attack. Well, I bought this product for both my employee and me. She still gets migraines but she doesn't know that she's having one until she looks in the mirror and can see the veins popping out of her head. There is no more pain with the migraines now and I have been sleeping with ALL my windows open all summer and I love it. I have never felt so free...lol

  • Toni C James - Looks like a refinish..

    Two applications with a micro covered flip mop. Could not have been easier or quicker to apply. Was contemplating a professional stripping and reapplication of poly coat. All finish was intact but just not a high rich sheen. Quick finish did the job with little cost.

  • Suresh Venkataraman - Very good introduction to Finance for Managers

    I had no financial background when I took the course in Finance as a part of my MBA program. This text provides a very good foundation for all beginners. It helps to know some financial accounting concepts like the income statement, balance sheet etc. when you start off with this book.

  • Miranda Miller - Love it!

    I love this calendar. Good quality, sturdy binding, plenty of room to write in appointments and notes. I love coloring the pictures and personalizing it.

  • Skeptik - easy to read and informative

    I get this every year to make sure I don't miss any tax breaks. It answers most all of my questions--too bad they don't have a California supplement for our California forms but other than that it's quite thorough and even entertaining at times.

  • phylfin - A good alternative to sweet cranberry juice

    I had several infection this past year. Since I purchase this product -- nothing. A good alternative to sweet cranberry juice.

  • Julie Ann Ward - 12 Benefits Works

    My stylist recommended this product for heat protection and my split ends. After only three uses, I can tell a huge improvement in my hair texture. It also cut my blow-dry time in half. I will use this product forever!