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  • smuntz - To make things worse, I was on the screen for entering deductible ...

    I am using the TaxACT 2014 Deluxe Online version. I have been using software to prepare my returns for over 20 years and have never run into a more confusing interface. This program does not allow you to enter your 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement directly into the return. You have to enter the real estate taxes and interest payments as separate line items in different modules. This is just one example. The question and answer portions are hard to interpret. To make things worse, I was on the screen for entering deductible charitable donations for an extended period of time. A dialog box kept popping up asking me if I want to continue working on my return. I was at my computer and clicked Yes promptly each time it came up. When I finished the form, it made me reenter my password then erased all of the data I entered plus my mortgage interest data. I lost over 2 hours worth of work to this bug. I spent $13.00 over the free version to be able to download information. So far, all I could download was my personal information from a previous return stored as a pdf. Even that was so confusing that it would have been quicker to just type the information. I used the 2012 and 2013 free versions of TaxACT ans was happy with them. 2014 is a major step backwards. People are complaining about the cost of Turbotax but the extra $80.00 would have been cheap compared to my lost time. If you are a last minute filer, stay away from this program. I usually am done in February but I am still wrestling with this abomination of a program. I am close to starting over with another software product. Too bad 0 stars is not an option.

  • C. Norman - Incredible!!

    This is amazing! My skin has never looked better :) I am glad that it is on Amazon.com, much cheaper!!

  • PeterK - Coconut-oil pulling works for me!

    I have used natural/herbal remedies for more than 30 years, with varying results. However, oil-pulling works.

  • Barbara Fuhrwerk - Best thought provoking book of R

    This book opens one's mind to a whole new view of who God is and who we are in relationship. Best thought provoking book of R. Rohr's I have read and a reason to go deeper in one's spirituality.