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  • Victor Reinoso - Nice

    I will not go to criticisms about the game, I will limit myself to saying that the product arrived sooner than expected and very packed to protect my purchase

  • Amazon Customer - If you have a problem be prepared to travel the world....and no help in the end!!!

    I purchased this monitor due to the number of feedbacks and how Amazon considers it a "best seller". I have owned it for less than a week and the monitor has started to act up. It turns off for a few seconds (black screen) like it was going to sleep and then it comes back to life a few seconds later. I have been like this for three days. In order to avoid undoing my setup, I tried contacting HP technical support. I was route to 8 different people outside the US and the last one hung up on me when I requested they transfer me to the US. An hour and 15 minutes wasted not to mention the aggravation. HP has HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer service!!!! I will never purchase another HP product, not even a calculator. I called AMAZON and explained the situation and hey came through for me. The product is being returned tomorrow after I disassemble my computer station. I guess luck was not on my side like other satisfied HP customers.

  • Raúl Vázquez - Awesome

    These Saitek PRO Flight Simulator joysticks and instruments are very well contructed, with amazing and realistic materials, I totally recommend these products. I build my own cockpit in my place!

  • James - Just FUN at its best!

    If you had fun playing Battlefield 2 : Bad Company multiplayer and was not hooked with BF3, BF4... You're in for a treat with the latest Battlefield 1.

  • Falcon - The best thing. Ever

    As a mother of 3 kids, ranging in age from 4 to 15, I have gone through my share of the snot suckers, starting with the basic bulb which seemed to be the only product available when my 15 year old was a baby and then moving on to the Little Noses syringe bulb which seemed to be a bit better, then Graco battery-operated aspirator, and Nose Frida. The bulb and the syringe were a complete nightmare where I literally had to sit on top of my kids to administer the procedure. The Graco was fine to a certain point, when the nose is very little, and then, it does not have enough suction. Nose Frida did the job, however, it took forever and made me feel like I was smoking hookah each time I had to do it, once, I did it in the very morning on an empty stomach and I think I literally cut off the oxygen supply to my brain, I became so dizzy, almost passed out, this thing requires a parent to have a serious set of lungs. Finally, I overcame my fears and the feeling of weirdness of using vacuum for my baby's nose and bought the Baby Vac. OMG, what a world of difference. No more chasing the kid around the house, it's as simple as him sitting and watching cartoons while I do the procedure. No more snot going down his throat, making him cough and wake up thousand times a night. This thing is seriously amazing, and what a simple idea, how come it was not invented in America? Why is this country so great at developing various drugs and drugging our kids with various decongestants, cough suppressants, fever reducers, don't even get me started on antibiotics when a simple thing like keeping their nose free of mucus does wonders?

  • IShopThere - Not for 2013 Toyota Tacoma 2 whell drive

    These do not fit 2013 Toyota Tacoma 2 wheel drive - even though it says it does. I bought these for my husband for his birthday. Bought in Sept., his birthday was today. November 8. So too late to return them.

  • Michael L Smith - Great knife!

    Bought several of these, only because I keep loosing them or forgetting to leave in my vehicle before catching a flight and have to give it up at security. Great knife !!!