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  • Nicoli Spicoli - Good, Quick Read

    I can't remember what pushed me to purchase this novel, but alas I read it and was pleased overall. I read it in just two sittings and it was pretty good. I like that it was a romance with a little action. Sometimes having too many POV's got a little confusing, but I liked the characters and the plot was strong.

  • Osbert Ponder - Good software but Intuit Greedy and Forces Upgrades

    I had to buy this (I swear I've had to buy 7 or 8 copies of Quickbooks) because Intuit's business model makes you buy the newer version to access client files made in a newer version. Most accountants have to maintain several years worth of QB versions because if you open a file from an older version with a newer version, QB upgrades it so it can;t be opened by the older version anymore, forcing you to buy a newer version.

  • S. Rice - Tons better!

    I suffer from IBS with constipation and HUGE amounts of gas that I couldn't control. I can laugh off a lot but I was getting really distressed as time went on. My doctor advised me to try Align. I had tried yogurt and other probiotics and they worked for awhile and then stopped working. This has helped TONS! I am pretty much regular and don't get near the amount of gas I once did....and I can hold it in! I highly recommend trying this.

  • sam leach - super program

    I have used several cookbook programs over the last ten years and this one is the best that I have ever seen.

  • Walter Austin - You will be disappointed..

    I bought this after seeing some of the other reviews. I was hoping that the few negative were the type that would not be happy with anything and was hopeful as the positive outweighed the negative. Well unfortunately, the negatives reviews were correct in this case. I loved the user interface on the Ipad and how quickly the unit read my blood pressue, the issue is that it always read about 20 points higher than any other unit or when I had someone do a manual test.

  • Hector Diaz - The best Volleyball technology

    The best technology on the volleyball court. Very gentle, has excellent grip, and very good visibility, is the best ball of the market.

  • Sean C. - Great alternative to OEM charger, fast and works great.

    Fast charging works great with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and is not too sensitive to phone placement. I keep it next to bed and just drop it on there every night, a nice colored LED ring illuminates to let me know it has begun charging but shuts off to not be too annoying while sleeping. I have been 100% satisfied with this charger for about 4 months now.