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Benvenuti in Svas Biosana - Svas Biosana è un importante punto di riferimento in Italia e all’Estero per il settore sanitario, commercializza oltre 20.000 prodotti tra dispositivi medici, attrezzature e apparecchiature elettromedicali, strumentario chirurgico e prodotti specialistici

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City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Chaz D - The more expensive wall mounts are overkill!

    I rarely write reviews, but I have been installing HDTVs for over 5 years and I am constantly getting questions from people asking which wall mount they should buy. Without exception, I refer them to Amazon and Cheetah Mounts. I've used over a dozen of these mounts for installations, and other than the built-in level being NOT trustworthy, this is a great mount and should work for just about any TV in the 32-65" range. I have used this to mount anything from lighter LCD/LED displays to large heavier plasma TV's and it supports all of them just fine. I have also used other expensive wall mounts in the past and so I can provide a comparative review.

  • P. Zimmerman - "Aroma" is toxic

    All I wanted was a simple looking single burner to boil water for tea. It states in the manual that you should turn it on to the High setting for a few minutes before using. When I did this, a burning plastic sort of smell-toxic-fume filled the room. I turned it off and waited for it to cool down, then took it to my kitchen, placed it under the vent hood and turned it on High again, this time for 3 hours!!!. It still stinks up the room as soon as I turn it on. This thing is horrible.

  • Karen Sasse - Fran we love you, but this is dreck!!!!

    What a shame. I trust Fran Drescher because I am one of her biggest fans and have followed her extraordinary life and career. I can only hope that she was duped into promoting this poorly designed, ineffective product. Promoting a lighted electric razor as a "hair removal device" with deceptive advertising and return policies could certainly not be what she had in mind. Fran, please pull the plug on the commercials and divorce yourself from this product mach schnell!!

  • Amazon Customer - "Hands down the best mouse pad I have EVER had

    "Hands down the best mouse pad I have EVER had! I was having pain in my hand bone from repetitious use with the flat mouse pad I had used for years, and I now have no pain whatever with this one. I was concerned it would be too soft for the mouse to work, but that is not the case, it works perfectly. Don't let the negative reviews sway you, it is amazing, and is WAY better than I expected!:)

  • STEGELER - Don't buy this modem if you need to get bug fixes to code and you are with comcast

    Short and sweet here. I have old firmware running on this device. Comcast won't upgrade it because they say they are not responsible for it. The motorola website states:

  • CSLivingston - Works!

    This works! After a week of use it caught oodles of my daughters longer hair and prevented it from going down the drain. Now, if it was self cleaning it would be perfect, but cleaning takes less than 15 seconds so I'm happy.

  • Eric B. McCallister - Unplayable, buggy, a total failure

    As per usual, the DRM has ruined the game. Woefully inadequate server coverage in North America for the launch. As of 2045hrs EST none of the servers are available. I've been three times now forced into a tutorial that wasn't a tutorial. They load you into a map, which worked fine but then you're completely locked out of all of the controls and there is no tutorial. You just sit there staring at an angry town... angry. Nothing happens, you have camera control but that's all. Save your money or wait a week. If I had the ability to return the game I would. Couldn't be more disappointed with this game.