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Swanson Medical Centre Home - Welcome to Swanson Medical. Excellent GP and nurse care and low fees. Enrolling new patients now.

  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/our-new-blog-site/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: Our new Blog Site! - Welcome to our new Blog site! Here we will update you with Swanson Medical's latest news, keep you abreast of important health related issues and remind you of things to keep you and yours healthy....
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/we-are-growing.../ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: We are Growing... - We are very excited to be growing our building at Swanson Medical! We will have more space to provide for better nursing and medical services. We look forward to providing more...
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/get-your-flu-jab/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: Get Your Flu Jab - If you are over 65yrs of age or have a health condition such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease or any other chronic condition, you are able to have a FREE flu jab! WE CAN GIVE YOU YOUR FLU JAB UNTIL THE END OF AUGUST 2014.
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/swanson-welcomes-a-new-gp/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: Swanson welcomes a new GP - We're feeling lucky and excited to have Dr Helen Johnston joining our team at Swanson Medical.Helen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our practice as well as just being a good sort. Helen is part of our grand plan to provide more GP services to our community. Helen welcomes new patients to Swanson medical.
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/stoptober/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: Stoptober - Stoptober is New Zealand’s FIRST national stop smoking month! We are here to help smokers stub out for good this October.
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/flu-jabs-available-from-april-2015/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: Flu jabs available from April 2015 - The flu vaccine will be a little later than normal this year.Hopefully it will be available from the beginning of April!
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/flu-jabs-now-here/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: Flu jabs now here for 2016! - The 2016 flu vaccine is available now. We now invite you to come on down to see our friendly nurses for this years protection from the flu if you are over 65yrs of age or if you have a chronic disease.
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/meet-the-lovely-beryl/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: Meet the lovely Beryl - Beryl has joined the Swanson Medical nursing team. We are so lucky to have her!
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/stoptober-again/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: STOPTOBER AGAIN - It's that time again! If you are a smoker you may have had a text from us inviting you to consider getting involved with STOPTOBER. It's always a good time to think about stopping smoking and we are here to help you.
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/our-new-doc-we-are-a-teaching-practice/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: Our new Doc! We are a Teaching Practice - Dr Tony Ryu is our new Doc. Tony is a Registrar with the Royal College of NZ GPs (RCNZGP).
  • http://www.swansonmedical.co.nz/latest-news/manage-my-health/ Swanson Medical Centre Ltd :: Manage My Health - Manage My Health (MMH) is now available at Swanson Medical Centre. MMH is like on-line banking for your GP practice and is a patient portal which allows you to book appointments, see your recent test results, request repeat prescriptions and see your classifications.

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  • Gingersnappz62 - Needs more editing.

    Each style started off the same way, but there were too many unnecessary, redundant words. I think that the instructions should have been more to-the-point. The reader should be able to just go to the pattern, see what materials are needed, and then get down to business. Unfortunately, I've found better written patterns with online searches. Nice pictures though. I'd would have given it more stars if it had been edited better.

  • GAIL - This is an excellent earthing pad

    This is an excellent earthing pad. The pain in my back is now gone as a direct result of using this product. I highly recommend it to anyone that would rather use natural methods of treatment for health issues.

  • Amazon Customer - I like the individual wrapped packs as I can throw a ...

    I suffer from back problems and live on Tylenol. I like the individual wrapped packs as I can throw a few in my pocketbook without having to carry the whole jar.

  • STAM - Perfect for my bedroom for late night tunes

    This plays FM radio or records. There is no AM option. Which was a slight disappointment but honestly when was the last time I used AM radio? So I put it on the FM and tested out the radio. It comes with a cord like antennae so you can drape that up and around something if you need to. It has a dial so when you tune it on the radio you just twist until you find our station on the dial. I found all the local radio stations that I normally pickup so the tuner is decent. The other knob is the volume button. This stereo doesn't bump but it also has RCA line out jacks to connect to another speaker set. So you can use this with an already set up system or you can use it alone as is. I put this in my bedroom and its perfect because it doesn't stick out in my decor but it blends right in with everything else. It plays my regular records fine I didn't have anything else to test it with. Overall I think its a good quality stereo for the price. If you are just using it to listen to vinyl occasionally to reminisce it serves that purpose. There is a plastic dust cover on the top so everything is protected. I received a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • R. Friscia - Great product love the look makes it up to date ...

    Great product love the look makes it up to date with new LED styling on newer vehicles highly recommend enjoy

  • akintak - Not bad, but not great

    I am an artist and a gamer, hoping to find a monitor to fit both my passion's needs. The price is a good deal, but you get what you pay for right? You better use an HDMI cable for this monitor because when I used the VGA cables that were provided, the quality and the resolution alignment were horrid. The colors aren't true. I've been using an amazing NEC AccuSync LCD monitor for many years prior and the colors and refresh rate were outstanding. It wasn't widescreen nor was it a big monitor, but its colors and quality were close to godliness. It set my standards high, and I was hoping this AOC monitor would be equally as good, but it did not satisfy. Plus, my Adobe Photoshop CS2 is having compatibility issues with this monitor, and I am in the process of frustration and troubleshooting. The refresh rate is an average 60Hz, since its max resolution is 1980x1080 (1080p).

  • Sarah Galloway - Surprised!

    I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I had been quoted $138 for a remote and another $119 to program it by Toyota. I ordered this remote for our 2008 Toyota Tacoma and after a few minutes of figuring out the programming, it worked!! You will feel a little silly while programing the device but it is very easy. The remote will only unlock the driver door, but a small inconvenience for the $ saved.