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Synod of the Pacific, Website of the Regional middle governing body within the Presbyterian Church - The Synod of the Pacific is a mid council within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). The Synod's primary role is "to be a Mission Support Synod". This is accomplished primarily through providing financial and administrative support services to our presbyteries and churches. 200 Kentucky Street, Suite B Petaluma, CA 94952,(800) 754-0669

  • http://www.synodpacific.org/about-us.html About the Synod of the Pacific, Our Mission, Vision, Prespyteries, Partnerships & Members - About page for the Synod of the Pacific. The Synod of the Pacific is a regional middle governing body within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). The Synod is currently made up of: 11 Presbyteries, 464 Churches + 20 new Church developments, 114,210 members. The Synod's primary role is "to be a Mission Support Synod". This is accomplished primarily through providing financial and administrative support services to our presbyteries and churches
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/synod-employee-benefits.html Employee Medical & Dental Benefits at the Synod of the Pacific - The Synod of the Pacific offers comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance coverage along with many voluntary benefits such as a 125 Flexible Spending Account, and several AFLAC plans, to all of its lay employees who work twenty hours or more per week. The Synod has several medical plans it offers: Blue Cross HMO, Blue Cross PPO, and Blue Cross PPO Plus (HIA) and Kaiser plans in California; residents outside California are offered the Blue Cross PPO Plus (HIA) plan and Kaiser (depending on the State).
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/benefit-plan-summaries-enrollment-forms.html Plan Summaries and Enrollment Forms for Synod of the Pacific - Download Plan Summaries and Enrollment Forms including medical/dental, vision, life insurance, HMO, PPO and more from Synod of the Pacific.
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/synod-investments.html The Synod Investment Service of the Synod of the Pacific - The Synod of the Pacific Investment Service is open to any church, presbytery, specialized ministry or ecumneical partner related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) within the bounds of the Synod. Depositors receive a high rate of return on short-term investments. Custodial Fund depositors may make an immediate withdrawal, without penalty, at any time during regular business hours. Synod of the Pacific (800) 754-0669 200 Kentucky Street, Suite B Petaluma, CA 94952
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/synod-investment-facts-faqs.html Investment FAQ's for Synod of the Pacific - Find the answers to frequently asked questions, and investments information on the Synod of the Pacific Investment FAQ page.
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/synod-pacific-loans.html Synod Pacific Loan and Investment Program - The Synod's Loan Service provides much-needed funds for site and church property purchases, first unit (sanctuarty, Christian education and offices) construction, expansion, renovation, and refinancing projects, manse purchases and home-equity sharing arrangements. Synod of the Pacific offers several different loans options to meet the needs of potential borrowers.
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/synod-pacific-loan-rates.html Loan Rates for the Synod of the Pacific - Learn about the different current loan rates for Synod of the Pacific. Effective 08/01/2011
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/discounted-loan-rates.html Discounted Loans for Synod of the Pacific - Discounted Loan Rates based on Mission Giving. The Presbyterian Church relies on the connections between congregations, Presbyteries, Synods, and the General Assembly to nurture and support each other's mission, and to make possible much work that would be beyond the resources of any one body.
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/synod-pacific-equity-sharing.html Equity Sharing Between Church and Pastor-Synod of the Pacific - Synod of the Pacific can help churches participate in housing equity sharing arrangements with their pastors. Our goal is to help your congregation call a pastor who may otherwise not be able to accept your call due to the cost of housing in your area, and to help you build equity in your local housing market, an investment that will always keep pace with future pastors’ housing needs.
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/missiontreasury.html Synod of the Pacific Mission Treasury Overview - Mission support giving provides needed funds for educators, administrators, doctors, nurses, youth workers, evangelists, missionaries around the world, and disaster relief. It provides funds to start new congregations, support theological seminaries, and send children to camps. It can help someone's life close to home or clear around the world.
  • http://www.synodpacific.org/synod-funding-model.html Synod of the Pacific Funding Model, Partnership Grants, Partnership Pool, Opportunity Fund - Synod of the Pacific Mission Partnership Funding Model. Funding mission, funding opportunities, partnership pool, partnership grants.

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