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  • Amazon Customer - Annual Bible of Baseball Stats

    This book is always the benchmark of excellence for baseball analysts, be they fantasy players or sabremetricians. The player profiles are fun and informative, but the data is in the charts for each player. My one nit is that the authors don't compile a list of players by category such as LIMA. Also, the Portfolio 3 plan has so few players that is does not have pratical value in deep leagues.

  • EdmondK - Awesome

    This thing is awesome. I'm 6 feet tall and it works perfect for me, both sitting down and standing up. Couldn't find another product on the market that does the same thing. Would highly recommend.

  • JWin - Worth the upgrade

    I've been a Quicken user for almost 20 years and my last version was 2008. I was hesitant trying 2010 so soon after its release because I, along with many others, have been stung by bugs that have plagued earlier versions and have previously taken months for Intuit to fix. I'm glad I made the switch.