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Teen Rehab Center: Substance Abuse Resources & Treatment - Welcome to Teen Rehab Center. We Are Committed to Providing the Best Resources for Battling Teen Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Including Treatment Options.

  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drug-hotline/ Teen Drug Abuse Helpline & Addiction Treatment Hotline - Reach Out To TeenRehabCenter.org Today With Questions About Teen Addiction, Detox, Rehabilitation, And Other Treatment Services. Our Hotline Is Open 24/7.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/addiction/ Teen Addiction: Drug Use Facts, Risks & Treatment - Learn the Facts About Teen Addiction, Including Causes, Signs & Symptoms of Addiction, Impact on the Brain & Body, Treatment Options and Rehab.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/addiction/causes/ Causes of Addiction: Why Do Teens Abuse Drugs & Alcohol? - Learn About Factors that Contribute to Substance Abuse in Teens, Including Environment, Genetics, Social Media, Peer Pressure & More.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/addiction/consequences/ Consequences of Teenage Drug Addiction & Alcohol Abuse - Learn the Effects of Teen Substance Abuse, Including its Impact on the Immune System, Heart & Brain, Overdose Risks & Legal Consequences.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/ Teen Drug Abuse: Heroin, Cocaine & Ecstasy Drug Facts - Learn the Facts About Teen Drug Abuse, Including Commonly Used Drugs, Signs & Symptoms of Addiction, and Treatment Options for Teens.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/alcohol/ Teen Alcohol Abuse: Rehab Addiction Treatment for Alcoholism - Facts About Teen Drinking & Alcohol Abuse. Learn How to Recognize the Signs of Addiction & Discover Rehab and Therapy Treatment Options for Your Child.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/prescription-drugs/antidepressants/ Teens & Antidepressant Addiction: Signs & Risks of Drug Abuse - Antidepressants Are Prescribed By Doctors For Depression, But They Can Still Be Dangerous for Teens & Adolescents Who Abuse The Drug. Learn More.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/cocaine/ Teen Cocaine Abuse: Addiction Signs & Rehab Options - Learn the Facts About Teen Cocaine Abuse, Including Signs & Symptoms, Treatment Options, and Cocaine's Impact on Brain Development.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/ecstasy/ Teen Ecstasy (MDMA) Use: Addiction Signs & Treatment Options - More Teens are Abusing MDMA aka "Molly." Learn the Symptoms of Ecstasy Use, Its Impact on the Body, and Resources for Helping Your Teen Find Recovery.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/heroin/ Heroin Addiction in Teens: Signs, Risks & Treatment Options - Everything You Need to Know About Heroin Use Among Teenagers, Including Facts, Warning Signs, Heroin's Impact on the Brain, and Treatment Options.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/inhalants/ Teen Inhalant Abuse: Facts, Statistics & Treatment Options - Most Inhalants Are Commonly Used Household Supplies. Treat Inhalant Abuse In Teens By Recognizing The Signs & Symptoms of Inhalant Addiction Or Withdrawal
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/lsd/ LSD Addiction in Teens: Symptoms & Treatment for Acid - Resources on Adolescent LSD Abuse. Learn About Signs & Symptoms, Effects on the Body & Brain Development, and Treatment Options for Your Teen.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/marijuana/ Teen Marijuana Addiction: Rehab & Treatment Options - Facts About Teen Marijuana Use & Addiction. How to Tell if Your Teen is Abusing Marijuana, Parent Resources & Treatment Options.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/over-the-counter-drugs/ Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drug Abuse in Teens - Teens Are Abusing Over-The-Counter Drugs They Find Right At Home. Know the Signs & Effects of Teen OTC Drug Abuse & How To Help If Your Teen Has A Problem.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/prescription-drugs/ Teen Prescription Drug Abuse: Treatment for Pill Addiction - Teenage Addiction to Prescription Drugs, OTC Pills and Study Drugs like Adderall Requires Help. Learn the Facts & Available Treatment Options.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/drugs/prescription-drugs/xanax/ Xanax Abuse in Teens: Signs, Risks & Treatment Options - Discover Why Teens Are Abusing Xanax Prescriptions & What The Consequences Are For Teen Xanax Addiction. Review The Symptoms & Learn How To Help.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/addiction/overdose/ Teen Drug Overdose: A Parent's Guide of Facts & Statistics - Learn What the Most Commonly Abused Drugs Are, How Much of a Drug is Too Much, How to Identify Overdose Symptoms & How to Get Help for Your Child
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/addiction/prevention/ Preventing Addiction: How to Stop Teen Drug & Alcohol Abuse - Important Information on How to Steer Your Child Away from Addiction, Prevent Relapses, and Stop Teens from Using Drugs & Alcohol.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/addiction/signs/ Signs Of Teenage Drug Use & Alcoholism - How Do You Know if Your Teen Has a Drug or Alcohol Problem? Learn the Warning Signs, Common Symptoms, and What You Can Do to Help.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/addiction/stigma/ The Stigma of Addiction: Coping with The Shame of Teen Drug Abuse - Learn How to Overcome the Stigma of Teen Drug Abuse & What Policies Are Being Set In Motion To Treat Drug Abuse Instead of Vilifying It.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/addiction/withdrawal/ Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal in Teens: Symptoms and Treatment - Learn the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction Withdrawal. If Your Child is Experiencing Withdrawal, Our Resource Will Help Outline Available Next Steps.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/rehab/ Teen Rehab: Addiction Treatment for Substance Abuse - Is Rehab the Right Treatment Option for Your Child? Learn About Rehab Programs for Teens, Types of Therapy, Insurance Coverage & Academic Support. 
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/rehab/academic-support/ Academic Support for Teens in Rehab - Info & FAQs - When Considering Inpatient Rehab for Your Child, Learn About the Academic Resources to Help Keep their Schooling & Education On Track.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/rehab/aftercare/ Rehab Aftercare & Long Term Care: Life After Treatment - Realize Rehabilitation Is A Life-Long Process For Your Teen, But TeenRehabCenter.org Can Offer Support And Information About Rehab Aftercare For Teens.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/rehab/cost/ How Much Does Rehab Cost? Financing Treatment For Your Teen - If Drug Or Alcohol Abuse Gets The Better Of Your Teen, Look To TeenRehabCenter.org For Resources. Find Cost-Effective Care To Treat Teen Addiction.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/rehab/drug-detox/ Teen Drug Detox: Costs & How To Prepare For Treatment - Learn The Stages of Drug Detox & How Difficult It Can Be For Teens, Emotionally And Physically. Help Prepare Your Teen For Detox Then Help Them Stay Clean.
  • https://www.teenrehabcenter.org/rehab/dual-diagnosis-treatment-options/ Dual Diagnosis Treatment Options: Teen Rehab Costs & Care - Get Your Teen The Right Treatment For Co-Occurring Disorders Like Depression, Anxiety & Drug Abuse. Understand Dual Diagnosis To Effectively Treat Teens.

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  • Jason Beirne - Four Stars

    Good oil but difficult to get into differential due to GM's engineering...adding a pump, while tedious, saved a spill

  • nahhee - Better Than 2016 and Runs Fine on Window 10

    Bought because it works on Windows 10 without issue. Have Nero 12 Platinum, Nero 2014 Platinum and Nero 2016 Platinum in addition to two license for this. As others point out 2016 no longer has a blueray player license. Who cares about 4K etc I have Vegas and other software for that. I'll never buy any edition of Nero newer than 2015 unless and until they put the blueray player back (despite almost never playing them myself) as I have these for HP 800 G1 USDT machines with blueray players as HTPCs. Going to move to HP 800 G1 Minis with no optical drive so no further need for Nero. In actuality I got Nero 12 working fine on Windows 10 Pro without a problem so I really didn't need to upgrade. One thing on the locked down (google Windows 10 STIG - slightly relaxed build of that) build I do the blueray player has to be run as administrator. Thought at first that was broken until I enabled the built-in administrator and it launched fine. Easy to add run as administrator to the shortcut so no issues there. Like most apps the apps on the disc (that was actually cheaper than the download) are old, you can install them but it will require update. The control center sets itself to autolaunch at boot (like Adobe ARM and other pests) which you can kill with autoruns since the updates will be pretty infrequent (like never on this ancient stuff) after the initial install/update. Overall I think Nero is pretty good and not a bad price for a licensed blueray player.

  • Dale - sad but true

    received my bike today{10/08/14} am not very happy with it, removed it from the carton and was checking for damage when I noticed the bike has a lot of scuff marks on it like it has been used before, on further checking I found the plastic cover on the left side of the rear leg has a large piece broken out of it, further checking I found a crack in the console housing, still looking, but I went ahead and put it togather and I guess its working ok but I can't return it cause the packing material has been destroyed.

  • Jeffrey Boehmer - Wonderful!

    We are 6 days through and feel amazing. The first couple days kicking alcohol, sugar, and caffeine were terrible, but completely worth it. The program is great training for eating healthy again.

  • Barbara A Danielson - unsafe, rotten customer service

    I'm on my second PIC and have had it a little over a month and the thermostat is messing up. hot, hot, burn then down, down, down sitting on a cold pan. I don't EVER want to talk to anyone there again. If I stand there and keep adjusting the heat I can get meal. Don't trust it for melting chocolate or making yogurt. My fried chicken sat in cold grease, till I turned it up, then down, then up. Buy a different brand. I have a commercial cooking background and know how to cook on induction. This is a bad product.