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    I am a bit hesitant to make a protein shake with just water. Most of them say you can use water, but mention milk, soy, etc. But this said blend with water, so I added some water and three ice cubes and blended in my blender for about 20 seconds. Usually I would add fruit, cinnamon, something, but I wanted to try this just "straight" at first. I liked it! It didn't taste watery, it wasn't gritty, it was smooth and reminded me a bit of cake batter, in a good way! To really make more of a meal, I would likely add some fruit, maybe even a dollop of peanut butter, but with nothing added, it still tasted fine.

  • Amazon Customer - I didn't notice any difference drinking this. I wouldn't ...

    I didn't notice any difference drinking this. I wouldn't purchase it again. I drank it 28 days straight. I don't know what all the rage is about.

  • Amazon Customer - There are other good drawing programs out there

    I bought AutoCAD LT a few years ago and barely could justify the high cost for my one man electrical contracting business. Now my version does not work as they make sure it will not work with new versions of Windows. They force you to keep upgrading. I need to spend $1200 for a new version. You would think I would get a few bucks credit. This is ridiculous and in my opinion unethical. There are other good drawing programs out there.

  • Angela Christiansen - Horrible

    Thought I would try something new .. the mascara was halfway down my face by 10am. I would not recommend buying this product.

  • raven stone - laser comb

    This product works. One should expect mild hair growth in the crown area at best but markedly thickened hair. I have some thinned areas which were showing through revealing my scalp but were covered after using the laser comb. It also works well after hair transplants to thicken and color new growth. I've had 4 transplants and this is a nice adjunct. One can complete a treatment in 10 minutes easily. I suspect those that take longer are overlapping treatment and/or not spacing each movement far enough apart.

  • Sally K. Severino - The Divine Dance

    Franciscan priest Richard Rohr considers The Divine Dance the most important book he has ever written. I concur that this is indeed a very important book.