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The Arts of Change | AOC | Arts Therapy West Midlands - The AOC (The Arts of Change) deliver creative counselling & therapy for children, young people, adults, families in Dudley, Sandwell, West Midlands and UK.

  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/contact/ Contact the AOC | Creative Arts Therapies / Integrative Counselling West Midlands - Contact The AOC (The Arts of Change) by email, phone or in person at our office in Sandwell. Our office is open during the week from 9am to 5pm.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/blog/ Bloggie Ben | The AOC - Our administrator Ben writes informative and personal blogs with hands on experience of the issues discussed such as anxiety and loneliness.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/cart/ Cart / The AoC. - Cart / The AoC - where all purchases will be added to until you have finished browsing and are ready to complete your purchase(s)
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/about-the-arts-of-change/ About the AOC | Dramatherapy West Midlands - Learn about The AOC who provide our clients with therapy and counselling, educational and creative workshops, courses, retreats and taster workshops.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/about-the-arts-of-change/the-aoc-mission-statement/ Mission Statement | Integrative Counselling | AOC - The AOC’s mission is to heal through educational counselling and arts-based therapy. We are passionate about unlocking the creativity within you.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/about-the-arts-of-change/team/ About the Team | Arts Councelling West Midlands | AOC - Learn about our growing team which is made up of Associate Therapists, Support Staff and Volunteers all of which are headed up by Christian Dixon.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/about-the-arts-of-change/testimonials/ Testimonials | The AOC - Read testimonials from our past and present clients. Hear how our therapy sessions and workshops have helped them overcome barriers in all aspects of life.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/about-the-arts-of-change/self-referral-therapy-forms/ Therapy Referral Forms | The AOC - Download The AOC's therapy referral forms for yourself or on behalf of someone else for personal, couple, family or group therapy sessions
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/services/arts-based-masterclasses/ Arts Councelling Workshop | Arts Therapy Workshop | AOC - The AOC provide arts-based masterclasses, workshops and courses to organisations wishing to explore, develop or learn arts techniques and exercises.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/services/the-aoc-creative-arts-therapies-counselling-services/ Creative Arts Therapy | Creative Arts Councelling | AOC - The AOC provide quality counselling and therapy for children from 5 years upwards, young people up to 18 years and for all adults with no upper age limit.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/services/creative-self-development-training-services/ Self-Development Training | Creative Training West Midlands - The AOC design and also deliver bespoke creative training courses and workshops on Phobias, OCD, Bulimia, Depression, Anxiety, Stress and much more...
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/services/associate-therapist-trainer-agency/ Creative Therapy Training | Therapist Training West Midlands - The AOC has a team of counsellors, psychotherapists, family systemic therapists, or arts therapists who specialise in mindfulness, anxiety and much more.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/services/project-management-delivery-service/ Community Project Management | AOC West Midlands - The AOC deliver community projects on underage drinking, young people and substance misuse, dementia, unemployment & Employability, and much more...
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/services/remote-counselling-therapy/ Integrative Counselling West Medlands | AOC - At the AOC, our therapists and counsellors can offer you personalised remote online telephone or online video counselling from anywhere in the world.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/events/ Events | The AOC - We run events throughout the year. Find information about and register to attend our workshops and therapy sessions run across the community.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/media-gallery/ Gallery | The AOC - See an image gallery of The AOC's work including individual, couple, family and group counselling sessions, arts-based therapy and workshops.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/depression/ Depression. The Arts of Change / The AOC - The AOC describe how depression affects everyone and how it can be treated using a wide range of techniques including creative arts therapies.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/anxiety/ Anxiety The Arts of Change / The AOC - The AOC shows how Anxiety affects the individual and suggests coping strategies including creative arts therapies and mindfulness.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/bullying/ The Arts of Change / The AOC - Bullying Word Article - The Arts of Change / The AOC have put together a word document based on bullying with all the vital information you will need to know for support.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-ocd/ The Arts of Change / The AOC - OCD Word Article - The Arts of Change / The AOC have created a word article for you based on OCD giving you all vital information and support you need when dealing with it.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/attachment-issues/ The Arts of Change / The AOC - Attachment Issues Word Article - An article written by The Arts of Change / The AOC giving you vital information about attachment issues along with statistics and real stories.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/emotional-abuse-neglect/ The Arts of Change / The AOC Emotional Abuse & Neglect Article - The Arts of Change / The AOC Emotional Abuse & Neglect Article with all vital information such as statistics and real life stories.
  • https://www.theaoc.org.uk/physical-abuse-neglect/ The Arts of Change / The AOC Word Article based on Physical Abuse - The Arts of Change / The AOC Word Article based on Physical Abuse with all vital information you will need such as statistics and real stories.

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