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    Incredible floss! This floss catches everything in-between my teeth. The difference between cocofloss and other flosses that are just plastic is truly incredible. Also the flavors are really nice.

  • Marianne C. Jurayj - Zero Support

    The product has a lot of potential but the support is non-existent. I even called the NA headquarters in MA to find a real email address in order to either rectify my situation or at least voice my concerns about the substandard support. The response I got was that they know that there are issues but that apparently they are not accepting contacts even via snail-mail (yes I was more than willing to write a real letter). How can I recommend this product to my clients?


    Although the content of the book didn't surprise me, I was nonetheless impressed with the research and data the author provided. It is unfortunate that so much of our population has drifted away from some level of refinement to a much cruder behavior by many. One can only hope that things might shift back the other way someday...but I'm not going to hold my breath.

  • Jack Thompson - It works!

    Great way to clean your self up and get started toward healthy living. I have lost 33 pounds so far.

  • LauraHeinemann-Stricker - Love this stuff

    Initially used this product to try and detox. It did that, but then I started noticing my hair becoming much thicker feeling! I have more energy, too. I started out using about 8 drops 3x a day, but now I do 20 drops morning and evening. It's different for everyone, from what the people I talk to say. Use as little or much as works for you. Love this stuff!

  • Thomas Evanov - phone or stereo the sound cracks and is horrible. As a phone it works pretty good

    First let me say the picture shows the device facing you with the aux plug facing away, but that's not how it comes. It's backwards. I forced it to rotate 180 degrees and it works as advertised now. Music streamed from my phone is very low volume and when turned up at the device, phone or stereo the sound cracks and is horrible. As a phone it works pretty good. I had a different brand last time and will get that one again when this one dies or I tire of it. I love how it speaks in Korean when you connect, cool. I wouldn't recommend this at the $30 dollar price tag.

  • charlie - Characters act like children, not professional engineers and scientists

    I stopped after about three hours. Supposedly best-in-the-world professionals acted like children. For example, they're docking with an alien spacecraft and bickering about the docking procedure as they do it. What professional astronauts would do that? Or forgetting to get non-disclosure forms signed and exposing classified data on an meet-and-greet with a candidate. Or just the idea that a world-renowned linguist wouldn't be interested even in learning more about an opportunity to communicate with an intelligent alien civilization.