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  • http://www.thestengerlawfirm.com/news-media/ Lawsuit News – Personal Injury Lawsuit - Yaz Lawsuit – Stenger Law Firm, LLC - Latest personal injury lawsuit news as a result Levaquin, Yaz, Yasmin, Trasylol or Mesothelioma. Yaz lawsuit news updates. The attorneys at the Stenger Law

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    This product comes highly recommended for my light maple engineered hardwood floors. However, after two years, there is a very noticeable dull haze on my floors. My housekeeper and I have both noticed this. When I searched the web, it turns out that many of the people complaining about this are using Bona. I made a fairly strong vinegar and water solution, and applied it and let it dry 5 or 6 times in one area. After doing it, that area has much of its original shine again. I will have my housekeeper start using only vinegar and water, and over time, I hope to see the original shine return. I think Bona is probably excellent for traditional wood floors with a lot of grain, but for light-colored modern floors, it becomes counter-productive.

  • Cate - broke me out :(

    unfortunately this product broke me out horribly. I tried to keep sticking to it but it just seemed to get worse and worse. I never had issues with pimples on my cheeks, but after using this pimples started showing on my cheeks leaving dark scars. they would also heal but then come back repeatedly in the same spot. after a few long months I've finally got my skin under control again but the scars are still there. wish I never tried this!

  • Thrifty Shopper - Bad Purchase

    My computer hard drive crashed 6 months after I bought this product,It was strange this company just sent me a number on a red piece of paper to set up the product,and an email address when I logged in it was in a foreign language ??? It worked fine up to that point.I set up the Microsoft account just like instructed..... I had to start using my wife's laptop and it would not work on her laptop.They sent me several new numbers to make it work .... but I never could get it to work and they quit corresponding with me.**** Bad Purchase !!!!! ***** I feel like I threw away $280 !! I went and purchased office 365 at a major store for less money and it works perfect and is good for ever.******** I wish I could get back the money I wasted !!! ******** I love Amazon and am sad this happened.

  • Jami Kelly - Love this in the diffuser

    I use Young Living OILS, and recently ran out of my Lavender. I diffuse Lavender in both of my kids bedrooms EVERNIGHT to help them sleep so i go through it A LOT!! I decided to try Pure Body Naturals Lavender Essential Oils instead of my Young Living Lavender and honestly, I can't tell the difference between the two, when it's in the diffuser. Neither can my kids. The bottle is much larger than expected which was exciting. Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE the glass dropper. It makes putting a certain amount drops in the diffuser SO much easier and much faster! I LOVE this product and will be reordering when my bottle gets low.