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The Voice of Lupus Foundation - The Voice of Lupus Foundation (VLF) is a non-profit organization established to foster greater awareness about lupus in Trinidad and Tobago.

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  • Amazon Customer - Installing is a breeze if you know how to install Steam/UPlay

    Got the $60 pc/mac CD with the cord from here because Steam charges $40 for just the game and the official cable is another $40 from Amazon. I already had Steam installed and installed Ubisoft's UPlay right before I inserted the CD to install Rocksmith, very easy and not too time consuming. I then installed from the CD and it could not have been simpler, I really don't understand why people have been having such a hard time with it.

  • Mary E. Hogencamp - Unreliable and Bobin Thread TANGLES Incessantly

    I spend the winters in Florida and have an older model version of this Heavy Duty at home - figured I could get this one and keep it down south. Not sure what has changed with the Singer people but this is clearly not the right path they are taking. First off, check the owners manual (in the store, hopefully). You will note that they do not ever tell you what size bobbin to use! Unbelievable. Three bobbins were included in the accessory pouch - and each one had a different number on it - a 3, a 13 and a 16. They looked pretty similar, but felt like different weights. No matter which bobbin I tried, the machine would sew a straight stitch ok, but the bobbin thread would tangle and snarl if you tried to do a lock stitch to start a seam, or if you tried any zig zag. I tried the usual - rewinding bobbins with different thread lots, different tension settings - no dice. I finally found on the Singer website, that the manufacturer suggested a class 15 bobbin for this machine. What a joke - if you look at a class 15 it has a little ledge on the top, not smooth like the bobbins that came with the machine. I dutifully went out and bought some of those - makes sense that an incorrect bobbin would generate problems. Tried 3 of these bobbins with about the same result. The machine will sew straight stitch pretty well for about 6 inches, then start yanking on the top thread, or tangling the bottom thread. After 2 weeks I am giving up - this has been a giant waste of my money (which I can get back) and my time, which I can not. If other people reviewing the machine are happy with it, I can only conclude that the quality control on the parts and manufacturing is pretty poor, and clunker machines are getting through. HOWEVER, the fact that they no where in the manual even identify bobbin size or its importance makes me believe the company itself no longer has any concern about the customer, and lacks an even basic quality control program. I would not recommend this machine, and due to concern expressed in the last sentence, any Singer machine at all.

  • Susan Fee - I Feel Less Hungry!

    I have to admit, I was not expecting much when I bought this. I had heard great things, but just figured it would not help me - that tends to be how my body reacts to these weight loss supplements.

  • Carol M - Can't wait to get started

    I'm just learning about essential oils and their many uses. And though I haven't tried any of the oils yet,this set seems to be a very good place to start; the oils in it are very versatile. Can't wait to get started!.

  • Curt - It sits a little higher than I'd like, but it does the job

    No problem with wind noise under 75. It sits a little higher than I'd like, but it does the job. Good quality for the price. Only major issue is that the instructions are crap. I had to search everywhere to find something that actually explained the installation. Finally found solid instructions on a Jeep forums site. BRIGHTLINES, If you want higher ratings, have an adult native english speaker write the directions for you. I'll do it for 1k. Also, the screws suck. Be prepared to replace a couple of stripped ones. Overall, I love the product, but the screws and instructions cost a couple stars.

  • R. Kumar - Good when it works, nightmare when it doesn't, and no clear line in between

    So, when this product works, it works great - our formerly sad yellow and black tiles are now a pure shiny white.

  • Chicago Blondie - Love Relacore, but not the seller DAB/Potential Dynamix

    I've used Relacore before and love it. Ordered this time from Amazon, thru their listed distributor DAB Nutrition. But it says it's fulfilled by Amazon, so I ordered. It arrived quick, but the bottle and label appear discolored and old. I looked at the expiration date and it's more than a year expired! These pills are usually good for a couple years, so I'm quite disappointed. I will return the bottle and buy it elsewhere, but just be aware that (either by mistake or not) DAB Nutrition/Potential Dynamix has some old stock and poor quality control.