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  • Ric Meyer - Not so good...

    I finally got the two bars nstalled on my Terrain, but not without fiddling and mods. The plastic ends that mate to the Terrain's rails are too flimsy, particularly the locking flaps. Also one of the spings popped off during install, then I discoverd the adjustment screws, which were not mentioned in the instructions. When I finally got them installed, I drilled and tapped each locking flap and installed 10-24 screws to make sure the flimsy flaps wouldn't come up, say in a car wash.....I can't recommend this product. ps..the plastic Terrain rails aren't so hot either!

  • E. Moriarty - Recovered Shampoo addict

    As a self-proclaimed Shampoo addict (seriously had at least 15 varieties in my shower prior to trying WEN) I can tell you that I LOVE this product and have since cleaned out my shower! I was skeptical at first but let me tell you, this product is amazing! Since I am a "addict" I do enjoy have the 3 different varieties of WEN to switch around. They all are slightly different but equally as good. They all smell great (Lavender is the best!) and they all leave my hair feeling soft & manageable.

  • bodenmama4 - A little challenging for little hands

    I originally purchased these for my twin 4 year old sons to use at their big brother's Nerf birthday party. They were very excited about them, and I like the overall design and the fact that there are only three darts for them to worry about (read: shoot at me at one time. I can easily retaliate before they have time to reload). The only bummer was, the way you have to pull down on the bottom of the gun to prime it, was a little difficult for them. They aren't wimpy little guys either, but it required a little more strength and grasping ability than they possessed. As we have had them a little longer, they are getting more adept at using them, one of them managed to sneak up on their big brother last week, which they were fairly excited about. These guns have been left outside for days on end, and so far still work just fine. My husband just found one hidden in the weeds he was weed eating, and with the exception of fading from the sun, it still worked. Some of the other, more expensive guns we have had in the past warped from the sun and wouldn't shoot properly. All in all, I think these are a great little toy for the younger crowd, just be forewarned you may be asked repeatedly to help them at first.