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Travel Vaccinations & Physical Exams | International Medicine Center - The International Medicine Center, in Houston, Texas, is a travel clinic provides travel vaccinations/immunizations and physical exams for business and personal international travel.

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  • http://www.traveldoc.com/travel-health-services/ Houston Travel Health Services | International Medicine Center - The International Medicine Center, in Houston, has an expert team of staff providing travel health services for international travel.
  • http://www.traveldoc.com/vaccinations/ Vaccinations for Travel | International Medicine Center - The International Medicine Center provides vaccinations for Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever and many other diseases in preparation of oversea travel.
  • http://www.traveldoc.com/corporate-health-services/ Corporate Medical Services | International Medicine Center - The International Medicine Center, located in Houston, Texas, provides corporate medical services such as physicals and substance abuse testing for companies.
  • http://www.traveldoc.com/patient-resources/ Patient Resources | International Medicine Center - The International Medicine Center has a vast amount of patient resources to aid with international travel.
  • http://www.traveldoc.com/about-us/ About TravelDoc | International Medicine Center - International Medicine Center in Houston Texas provides vaccinations and industry physicals for companies sending employees to international destinations or individuals traveling internationally.

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  • Mike - great fit and easy to install

    Be careful of gasket seal that meets up with roof rails. The corners have a tendency to fold under. Other than that, great fit and easy to install.

  • Monica - Finally found a product that works fantastic!

    I have tried so many different products for German Shepherd who has terrible skin problems. He is constantly itching and and his skin at times is almost raw at some spots. We have been using the cream and rinse for itching with an "A" on it by Virbac which the Veterinarian recommended but it just wasn't enough. I researched on the brand's website and came across this product and read up on it and it seemed that it was for all the symptoms my dog had. I am so glad we bought it, he started healing. I do need to continue to use this product on him continuously so that he continues to heal. Otherwise I fear he will go back to the way he was. I highly recommend this product.

  • annette - excellent oil

    this oil is helping my daughter's juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. She has less joint pains and her blood test is cleared up

  • CL65Drvr - Works Well albeit Surprising Size

    I'll be honest I didn't look at the dimensions or pictures of this product so when I opened the box I was surprised with the small size. After installing it i tried all the FM/AM channels we normally listen too and they all sounded as clear or better than the stock antenna. Overall I'm very happy with it and the build quality seems very solid.

  • Harlan Kanoa Sheppard - Pretty good, though with some minor issues.

    I'm a long time PC gamer that grew up a bit and then decided not to channel almost all of my disposable income into a new gaming rig every 2 years. In that vein, console gaming has come a long way. The games are now appreciably complex, with the specifications having reached sufficient parity that you can expect pretty much the same lineup of games.

  • Michael J. Dowling - A little embarassed to have bought this book

    A little embarrassed to have bought this book honestly. I gave it two stars because he does give some much needed advice to men. Take care of yourself, be the best you, you can be. Do things to make you feel confident, have an action plan to move on in the event your wife/girlfriend cheats or still treats you like garbage. That all is great advice and very important. Fact is most marriages end in divorce, and women are cheating more then men today and it's only increasing. You would be a fool to marry without at least entertaining the idea of how to protect yourself in the event your wife cheats and you divorce. It's also amazing what losing 50 lbs and bettering yourself can do to a woman, especially an aging woman. She will start to feel that insecurity and it does draw her closer. But this isn't ground-breaking, mostly common sense. If you look much better than you did, earn more money, gain a more advanced degree you become more attractive to your wife and other women... of course you do, everyone already knows that.