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  • yubin p. - Feels very good in the hand for an ambidextrous mouse.

    Feels very good in the hand for an ambidextrous mouse. Good battery life, lower input lag than some usb mouse according to linustech's review. Good tracking. Overall a very good mouse. My only complaint is that my right click is mushy and kinda loose like some others mentioned, it should not be a problem but I would exchange it just in case it would get worse in the future, at the end it is an $150 mouse, I don't want anything wrong with it.

  • criddybug - Fillers?

    I have to agree with other customer reviews about the unnecessary fillers added to this product. Maltodextrin may have been used for those avoiding gluten-free free products but for those avoiding sugars (artificial and or GMO sugars) in this product may not want to use this product. You may ask why would you (myself) buy this product with this knowledge? Well I'll tell you why, I'm looking for a product that will help me with my circulation that has better benefits that outweigh the risks of other blood thinners like warfarin, xarelto, or heparin. I left off one star for the unwanted fillers but, I must say for my use, the product has been successful. My heart rate has came down some and my urinary tract has been working more smoothly than usual. This company may come out with another formulation with different fillers for different users and if so I'd give 5 stars! Many thanks and blessings.

  • Miss Saschas - A laugh a day

    I wanted the physical daily calendar but Anazon and everyone else were sold out. This is a great substitute to have it on my Kindle.

  • J. Ribble - Good enough

    These are not the highest quality, but they're much better than my old set. I really like the bonus cheese/tomato knife. It does a great job! These knives are all in all a good deal for the money.

  • Jay L Porter - As Good As You Hope It Is

    My three year old had loved riding in his Weehoo! We balked initially at the price, and wondered if we shouldn't get a less expensive trail-a-bike or chariot style rider, but I do not regret purchasing this at all. My son loves to pedal along with me, and he has fallen asleep twice in the seat since we bought it (thus, a bike trailer wouldn't have worked well). I haven't had any trouble balancing the Weehoo and my bike while I strap in my son.