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Tricore Matrix - ricore Matrix (Tricore) is one of Victoria’s most recognisable and trusted Registered Training Organisations (RTO). In 2012 Tricore Matrix expanded its

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  • S. Smith - Cracking the GRE is worth it!

    This was the second time in 14 years I have taken the GRE and I was most prepared this time because of this book. I raised my score significantly by simply reviewing the provided vocabulary lists daily for 2 weeks before the test. I also benefitted from some of the easy math strategies I did not know. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone taking the GRE, regardless if it is the first time or fifth. It is cetainly worth the $13 I paid for it.

  • Taffy - Life saver!

    This gave me the freedom and independence to move around on my own. After adjusting to fit my height and figuring out out the balance, I couldn't be happier.

  • Allison Devaney - Fact

    The person who said it is 97% soy is wrong it's saying the soy lecithin is made up of 97% phosphatides it is not 97% soy just wanted to let you all know that. I don't even use that product I just was reading and did a little research on that comment because it seemed a bit absurd.

  • Allie Hussar - This didn't work for me, but maybe it works wonders for others!

    Unforuntately, I have to report back that this product didn't fulfill my expectations. This serums boasts to help lashes grow, as well as become thicker and darker. This just wasn't the case. My eyelashes don't seem to look any different, even after weeks of application. I tried to give this product plenty of time, in order to see if the results would come eventually, but this was just not so. The only possible perk would be that my eyelashes seem to curl a bit more, on a good day, but I don't know if this is just a placebo effect playing tricks on my mind. For reference, this was easy to apply and I did so daily. When applying to the lash line, the serum burned my eyes, even when I was careful to make sure the product wasn't dripping off of the wand. This discomfort is reason enough to avoid this product. I'm not one to be negative, and I apologize for not being able to give a more positive review, but I want to make it clear to potential buyers that this product didn't work for me. This may not be the case for others. I know everyone's body works a little differently and reacts to beauty products in a variety of ways.

  • J. Vawter - Worked perfectly

    I bought this for a recent vacation (mainly because it was 75% off) since I didn't want to be lugging around tons of cords as well as chargers so that everyone could charge at the same time. This worked perfectly. At one point we had two phones, 2 Fires, and an iPad all charging at the same time. I honestly didn't check it for heat but it didn't explode and everything charged so isn't that all you can ask for?

  • Wendy Cobrda - Beautifully crisp screen, easy to set up, great price.

    We love it -- HOWEVER -- we had a strange incident which never happened in 25+ years of buying monitors! Got this for my son. While everything appeared to be perfectly fine, something went awry in manufacturing. The base and screen connection was defective. The screen fell right off onto his keyboard and shattered within a week or so of us getting this monitor. The good news is that Amazon and Acer stand behind what they sell. I was able to exchange it without hassle and am waiting on the new monitor to arrive tomorrow. I imagine the new one will not have the same problem as the first, it was likely a fluke. Great price, beautiful display and easy to set up.

  • Don Carver - Watch what you purchase!

    Next time I can afford a range extender I will purchase the same brand as the router. It doesn't work with older routers such as Lynksys E3000. Intermittent connection and will totally drop the connection. I finally bought a Netgear R8000 which reaches throughout my whole house which cost just a little more than the Securifi Almond+.