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  • CraftyHairCurlyImagination - ... and no results yet so can't really give a bad or good review

    Been using this since the 19th of May and no results yet so can't really give a bad or good review. It says you'll see results within 2 months so I'll keep you guys posted.

  • Django - Beware of the high cost of refills

    Sodastream Fountain Jet is basically a good product for carbonizing water, as are several other brands on the market. For this I give it a fairly high rating. I don't care too much about Sodastream's flavors, especially not the cola flavor. Most of my usage is to make mineral water using mineral drops. My problem is that Sodastream's distributers in my neighborhood don't have 32oz exchange canisters and that my cost for refill incl shipping (not to mention waiting time) is about $40/canister which translates to about 40 cent / liter. This is close to what I can buy sparkling water for at my grocery store.

  • Rhea - Great!

    Oh my goodness, what a great product! I am thrilled I was able to review this eye gel because it ended up being exactly what I was looking for. Good eye creams/gels are very hard to find. It is so difficult to find something that is both moisturizing and non-greasy so that when you apply makeup over top, everything does not slide around. This eye gel accomplishes that with flying colors.

  • R. Martinez - cool scanner, but needs serious improvements

    I bought a NeatDesk scanner for my office and while it's a cool device and scans documents quickly, there's no way to adjust the software to reduce the size of the PDFs it creates. I scanned a two-page document today and wound up with a 1MB PDF file, which is utterly ridiculous for simple b&w text-based documents with no graphics. Shortly after getting the machine, I contacted their customer service to determine if there was a way to adjust the size of the PDF files it creates, and the answer was simply "no." They were most unhelpful. I really want to like this device because it has some really cool features, but I think I'm going to have to swap out to a different machine because I need it primarily for scanning documents and the file output size is too impractical.