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UK HEMS - The home of UK HEMS. A hub of information for anyone interested in the provision of high quality pre-hospital care in the United Kingdom and around the world. Includes Twitter feed.

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  • bereac - Book to be avoided

    Avoid this edition of this book. It is a wonderful story, but it has been edited (censored?) and numerous details have been omitted. In addition Dobson's preface contains errors. The party that came within 97 miles of the South Pole was part of the 1907-1909 expedition. Scott and his companions died on his 1910-1912 expedition. Not on the 1914 expedition as stated in this book. Get the unedited version.

  • Crazy African - Weathertech mats for Ford Escape

    Awesome protection for the new Escape. Fit perfectly, fit securely, easy to clean, pretty much kid proof and life proof!

  • Sergei Sharonov - IMEI checked good. Phone would show 4G AP but could not ...

    5 stars to the phone, 0 stars to ATT. ATT was not able to get 4G connection going on this phone. Blamed hardware. IMEI checked good. Phone would show 4G AP but could not establish data connection with it. Was only working with 3G AP at 3G speed.

  • Jennifer Long - Love this stuff!

    I have greasy roots with dry split ends...and this stuff really balances it all out. I have no split ends developing when normally I would by now (its been 6 months since my last trim and I dont even need one yet). I cheat and use a applicator bottle to get it to the scalp or my hair will look greasy. If I dont wash it completely out then it will look greasy. So the trick is to get it to the roots and rinse rinse rinse. My hair is normally limp and dull and now its boucey but not "puffy". I tell eveyone about it.

  • Michelle - Worth the extra money

    Love this stuff. Keeps me from having to take OTC antihistamines which cause me to have dry mouth, lethargy and depression. Also, I never have to take it as long as I used to have to take of the OTC stuff. When I would get an allergy attack, I used to have to take the OTC stuff for at least a week, and the longest I usually have to take this is 3 days.