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HOME - UYDF identifies, trains and supports rural youth to become qualified health care professionals in order to address the human resource shortages in rural hospitals, thereby improving health care to the indigent rural population of northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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  • [email protected] - Actually works !!

    My property is densely wooded and damp. I have algae growing everywhere. I tried a zinc strip on a part of the roof a few years back, with no success. Although I was hesitant with the Wet N Forget, it really seems to be doing a good job. I have sprayed it on part of the roof and I have been pleased with its performance. It does not react overnight, and does take some time, but eventually works. When I have called the manufacturer with questions, someone always answers the phone and is very helpful. I even tried it on a strip of a tree and a year later I can see where I sprayed it!!

  • M. Hewitt - Great purchase from Amazon

    I don't think you can find these in stores for this price, so getting them from Amazon is a great deal! I like to keep these on hand in case a urinary tract infection pops up. These do an amazing job of relieving the pain and discomfort of UTIs.

  • KTRJTR - The only one that works and doesn't break you out

    This is the only scar fading product I came back to after trying everything. It's gentle, effective, and worth every penny. A little goes a long way. Just fill the tip of the dropper and that's all you need for your whole face. I was stupid and tried other more "aggressive" products after I ran out of this one because I wanted to take it further and lighten everything else up too, and ended up causing breakouts that took a year to clear up. Stupid stupid stupid of me. I finally got the acne under control and am back to using this to fade the scars. What a god send this product is. After only 1 week they are fading, and no new breakouts or cystic acne. No comedones, no irritated skin. Last time I used this product it took 4 weeks to fade acne hyperpigmentation scars. Can't wait till the month is over and then I'll just going to hold on to this and use when needed, but I probably won't need it now that I know to stick to gentle products. Don't bother with anything else, this is the best.

  • Nicole Anderson - Slow start but seems okay now.

    Wii game seemed to freeze at certain times when it was first played. Not sure if it was the game or maybe our console just because it had been a while since it was last used. After playing it a couple more times it seemed to be okay so hopefully all is well.

  • jorge - I wanna set it on fire.

    Horrible taxture.plastic wavy all the way across. Dont even think about painting it. I would pay 40 $ for it .so disappointed