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Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Treatment for Neuroblastoma in Children - Healthcare professional site for Unituxin® (dinutuximab), the first FDA-approved monoclonal antibody therapy for high-risk neuroblastoma in children.

  • https://www.unituxin.com/registration Register for Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Educational Programs - Registration for healthcare professionals interested in attending or hosting a speaker program, or would like printed materials for your practice.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/about-unituxin The History of Unituxin® (dinutuximab) - Historical information about Unituxin® (dinutuximab), the first FDA-approved monoclonal antibody therapy for high-risk neuroblastoma in children.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/clinical-trial Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Clinical Trial Data - Clinical trial information for Unituxin® (dinutuximab), including criteria, baseline characteristics, and results.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/safety-profile Safety Profile for Unituxin® (dinutuximab) - Safety information for Unituxin® (dinutuximab) including adverse reactions, and strategies to address adverse reaction management in your patients.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/dosage-administration Dosage and Administration of Unituxin® (dinutuximab) - Learn about the recommended dosage and administration of Unituxin® (dinutuximab), including pretreatment protocols and dose modifications.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/education-resources Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Education & Resources for Patients - Browse a list of frequently asked questions on Unituxin® (dinutuximab), find clinician resources, or download resources for your patients.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/pharmacist-information Pharmacist Information for Unituxin® (dinutuximab) - View information about Unituxin® (dinutuximab) including the product description, storage and handling information, and how to prepare treatment
  • https://www.unituxin.com/about-unituxin/moa Anti-GD2 Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for Neuroblastoma - Mechanism of action information for Unituxin® (dinutuximab), an anti-GD2 monoclonal antibody therapy that targets neuroblastoma cells.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/clinical-trial/baseline-characteristics Baseline Characteristics from Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Trial - View baseline characteristics information from the Unituxin® (dinutuximab) clinical trial, including population, age, ethnicity, race, and stage of condition.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/clinical-trial/study-results Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Clinical Trial Results - View results and data from the clinical trial for Unituxin® (dinutuximab), including a Kaplan-Meier curve of event-free survival.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/safety-profile/adverse-reactions-by-cycle Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Adverse Reactions by Treatment Cycle - Selected adverse reactions (grades 3/4) by treatment cycle in patients receiving the Unituxin® (dinutuximab) therapy regimen.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/dosage-administration/pretreatment-guidelines Pretreatment Protocol for Unituxin® (dinutuximab) - Read about the required pretreatment protocol and guidelines for pain management before administering Unituxin® (dinutuximab) to your patients.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/dosage-administration/dosage-schedule Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Clinical Trial Dosage Schedule - View the dosage regimen cycles of Unituxin® (dinutuximab) used in clinical trials. Dosage schedules highlight treatment cycles one through six.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/education-resources/faqs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Unituxin® (dinutuximab) - Learn more about Unituxin® (dinutuximab) by browsing through frequently asked questions including the clinical study, safety outcomes, and MOA information.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/education-resources/clinician-resources Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Resources for Clinicians - The following resources are easy to download and print for reference on dosage, premedication, administration, and dose modifications for Unituxin® (dinutuximab).
  • https://www.unituxin.com/education-resources/parent-caregiver-resources Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Resources for Parents & Caregivers - The following downloadable resources provide education and information for parents and caregivers of children undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/pharmacist-information/ordering-distribution Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Ordering Information - Unituxin is distributed through ASD Healthcare®, the specialty distribution arm supporting AmerisourceBergen Corporation.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/pharmacist-information/pharmacist-resources Pharmacist Resources for Unituxin® (dinutuximab) - The following downloadable resources for pharmacists provide information on preparation and ordering.
  • https://www.unituxin.com/caregiver Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Injection | For Parents and Caregivers - Parent and caregiver site for Unituxin® (dinutuximab) Injection, the only FDA-approved monoclonal antibody therapy for high-risk neuroblastoma in children who achieve at least a partial response to prior first-line multiagent, multimodality therapy.

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