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University of Nevada, Reno - The University of Nevada, Reno was founded in 1874 and offers degrees in the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels.

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  • star gazer - How do i stop you from automatically sending accelerator?

    I tried this system and couldn't see any results. The belt just rolls up. Now I keep getting the thermal accelerator automatically, without ordering it. How do I stop this????

  • pickinrick - Tried 2 units, same malfunction, AVOID!

    A huge disappointment. At first I tried the K350 2.0, then returned it and had the same problem with this model. After one week the upper prong (the prong that pierces the top of the K-cup) clogs after every 6 cups or so - using approved K-cups! Annoyingly, the owners manual does not explain that you need to clean this part regularly, and I only found out after calling customer support - who admitted that the manual fails to mention this. But seriously, having to clear that prong with a paper clip DAILY? You've got to be kidding me. I bought on the good name they earned from their earlier generation models, but I think they just spent all their customer goodwill. I'm not likely to give Keurig another shot.

  • Jeffrey Russell - Excellent guide, with one caveat

    Excellent guide book to Germany. I would recommend getting the Kindle edition and putting it on your phone or tablet (or both) so that you can have it handy instead of toting the paper copy around. Well documented with current updates and suggestions for off the beaten path sites, such as restaurants and hotels. Only slight knock would be that some locations in Germany, such as Heidelberg, are not covered at all as Mr. Steves believes that they are overly touristy or not worth seeing. If you have a reason to go to these locations, which are overpopulated with tourists, you may need to have some information regarding that locale. I think the guide would serve the reader better if these type of locations were covered, at least minimally, with a caveat that the writer would not recommend visiting them.

  • Amazon Customer - Has 2 settings!

    I have been looking all over for one of these at a reasonable price. We do foster care so I wanted something quick and easy. There was a coupon code and we decided to invest. One thing that is really neat is you can switch it to a different setting to see the temperature in your house!

  • Robert Haynes - I bought this unit thinking I would spend the extra ...

    I bought this unit thinking I would spend the extra money and get a quality chair. However, after 35 days (warranty 30) the cable came apart from the aluminum lug and slapped me in the face. From a safety perspective this unit should not be considered.

  • Alex_Nguyen - Wow - Superior Product and What a Difference

    I got $100 worth of paint and got this can gun and what a difference! If you want to improve your rattle-can job, this is precious almost mandatory due to the simplicity and ease of spray painting. If I had to rate the product on a scale of 1-10 for hit or miss, I would say a 9 maybe a 10. I spray paint a lot and this was another world entirely; you can spray all day long and in just about any angle or with any type of gloves. The only problem is when you drop or lay the can down; it is unbalanced and will tip over. If you drop it, it will trigger and spray. If you shake the can, the nozzle will move out of alignment. All very minor matters. Does it or will it improve your spray can technique and ability to do a more professional job? YES IT DOES!

  • Alex T - It actually works... HOPE RESTORED!

    I don't think I've ever written a review before, so know that this is a big deal. It's going to be long too.