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Venom Research Solutions - Supplying Venom Arrays for Drug Discovery - Venomtech Ltd - Venom Supplier - Venomtech limited supply compound libraries of animal venoms for hit-to-tool screening and biotherapeutic tools. Molecular biology and biological safety consultancy & education.

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  • GAIL K. - Amazing Product

    Transfer factor is amazing, I use it for my family including my pets. It helps heal wounds and clear infections. I wouldn't be without it.I have many stories of Transfer factors effectiveness on people and dogs. My mini poodle had cataract surgery and his eye was taking a long time to heal. I was going through a regime of eye drops as prescribed by my doctor, but there was redness and obvious pain for my poor dog. A friend turned me onto Transfer factor I gave Mickey who was only 9- 10 pounds, one capsule and the redness was gone the next day. So okay maybe that was a fluke. A few months later, My mother was playing with one of her grand-kids, a toddler th baby was sitting on her lap. The baby playfully banged her head into my Moms face. When I saw her a day later she had a swollen and bruised Lip and mouth which was making it hard for her to speak. I recommended 6 transfer factors for a few days. The swelling and bruising was gone within three days. It's weird when you take transfer factor for a bruise you can see the healing really does accelerate. The bruise goes quickly from blue to yellow and the bruise doesn't fade but kind of clears up. The last story is about Shimmi, was a Stadforshire Terrier. At age five Shimmi got a mast cell cancer tumor on her back leg. I brought her to Animal Medical Center in NYC. The suggested removal of the tumor and chemotherapy, but her prognosis was not good they indicated possibly 3-6 months. I had the tumor removed and Shimmi started to get really thinand her coat dulled, We went to Cornell in Ithaca for her chemo-treatment (great Doctors and a caring facility). I added transfer factor Shimmi was about 335 lbs so 5 a day to the mix of medicines that e were giving her. Shimmi's cancer went into remission,. Here coat became shinny and she gained back her weight and muscle tone. She lived for another 5 years. The longest surviving cancer patient at the time in Cornell.

  • BarbaraS - but so far I love them! And the charge lasts much longer than ...

    I've only been using them for a week, but so far I love them! And the charge lasts much longer than I expected! Very comfortable.

  • John B. Martin - Excellent product, great deal!

    It's everything they said it was. Because my previous 3/4 hp insinkerator lasted 12 years and because I could basically just twist the old one off and put this new one on, I bought it. What an Upgrade! The new one is vibration free and extremely more quiet. This one has the discharge drain connected with a rubber coupling instead of a rigid, threaded PVC connection. Plus, the new rubber drain baffle keeps a layer of water above it, which prevents the internal noise from escaping. So now when I use my disposal, the entire sink and island its in doesn't shake the house and it doesn't sound like it's powered by a hemi-engine. It took me an hour to disconnect the old and install the new. The instructions were clear so there were no unpleasant surprises, if you don't count when I ignored their direction to have a pan under the old disposal and dumped water out of it onto my tools.

  • Runamoc - Rated #1

    Wife would complain about the sound quality of my old $14 Bluetooth. Got this Plantronics model because more than a couple websites rated this model as the best. Guess you get what you pay for. Wife has moved on to other things to complain about.

  • Suzanne Davies - Great golf bag

    This golf bag was delivered quickly and in good packaging. Very good quality and true to it's product explanation. Bought for a gift, so altho' very pleased with it myself...waiting to hear how well it is liked.

  • Dallas - Very Good for hair

    I like the warm feeling you get when you put the product on your hair and the product feels very good.