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  • Judy Friedman - because the fleas were really bad! I highly recommend this product

    I bought 3 bottles for my brother's house! House was totally INFESTED with fleas! Noticed results immediately! Fleas seem to be gone. but still spraying whole house once a week ...because the fleas were really bad! I highly recommend this product. No chemical smell...just a very light, refreshing smell....safe to spray on bedding and sofa and pets themselves...Not highly priced and goes a long way!

  • USTTT - Brilliant quality for the price

    Exactly what I was expecting! Really neat little projector. GREAT for gaming and watching movies. If you downscale from 1080p, most of your PC desktop, for example, will be barely readable, because the projector does a bad/ok job at scaling down from 1080p, if you use 720p, things become much clearer and readable/usable. Better still, if you can directly customize the resolution you send to the projector via a GFX card to 800*480. It becomes even better. Remember, it's basically a DVD like resolution shot on a wall/screen. But for this price, the Geek in me is quite satisfied, but this projector, I would not give to someone who is not at least good with electronics/computer, because anyone using this on 1080p and using the scale-down from the projector, will miss the qualities of this affordable home-cinema solution.

  • richard 75 - I couldn't put it down

    What a read. Kept me up all night. Entertaining, witty and clever. When I reached the last page, tear in my eyes, and stumbled to my computer, I still couldn't make a damn Excel spreadsheet to save myself.

  • mathboy - There's a sucker born every minute and I now have my minute well covered.

    Yeah, here's a free tip- never buy anything from Trackr. I bought five of these to track my things and none of them ever worked. It's what other people say- it drops the connection, can't find the connection, has absolutely no idea about the Trackr sitting next to it during the pairing process, does not have any of the features they advertised, such as virtual fence (the alarm sounds if you wander too far away from it) and finally...drains the battery on your phone within a couple hours !!! Woo Hoo- a grandslam POS. What's even better, the company isn't interested in exchanging them for ones that do work, no, not in the least.

  • Angelica - 1. The gel burned my gums. This is ...

    1. The gel burned my gums. This is not the big a deal to me. In fact, I expected it to hurt my gums a bit.

  • Rosie L Williams - We all ge sucked in on the hype of any way to lose ...

    I've used this product before. It takes a while to see any result. If one already have a "Gut" it doesn't work. We all ge sucked in on the hype of any way to lose weight. At the end of the day, it is what and how one eats.

  • KimmyC - Finally One That Works for Me / MTHFR gene issues / Psoriasis

    This is the only type of B-12 I can take due to an MTHFR gene. It dissolves in your mouth or you can swallow it. Since using it I have seen my psoriasis begin to get better and my antioxidant levels are finally raising. My doctor tested me and I am finally just right on my B vitamins and no longer toxic. I was toxic due to not properly absorbing B 12 or B6, it just floated around and began causing me tremors. This one I have been on for 2 months now and no tremors and no other issues. My doctor recommended starting out with half a pill and so i did that for week one and then went to full pill. The taste is fine and I am allergic to artificial sweeteners but haven't had any reaction to whatever they are using to flavor this.