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  • Masha Jour - Great ADDITION to Study Material

    The test prep book contains all the subject matters covered and guides you through reasoning, logic, and general information you need to know about each topic. As I read through this book, I felt like I was reading a friend's advice -- it was not boring, not long-winded, but straight to the point, which I liked and appreciated! There are a few sample questions throughout the chapters, and a sample exam at the end BUT I strongly recommend that if you take the GRE, you definitely practice on other sample questions and sample exams. You should not rely on this book alone because it is pretty skinny and just doesn't have the amount of practice problems that you need to do well. That being said, it's a great book to ease you into the GRE and breaks it down for you. I have testing anxiety and this really helped me realize that it's not a big deal and that I can definitely master the GRE. There are no inaccuracies and the tips are great, but I'll say it again: don't rely on this book alone.

  • Allison Bulloch - Publisher Download

    I love the product and wanted to have it on my laptop. Purchased this from Amazon and was directed to Microsoft for the download. Downloaded it two days ago and still cannot get it to open/run. No response yet from Microsoft. Would NOT recommend buying Microsoft software this way. Go to Staples/Office Depot etc......!

  • maiden0923 - Just a slight disappointment

    Got home with my Halestorm Live in Philly DVD/CD combo. Was all excited, couldn't wait to show my wife what these guys, especially Lzzy, are like live (she unfortunately hasnt seen them yet). Popped the DVD in, started the concert..........WTF?????????? They edited Lzzy's trademark intro to Its Not You!! WHY???

  • jbird - Soft and Sturdy

    This is a very nice carrier! We quickly ended up with three cats and one carrier so I had to find another. I do most of my shopping online and I usually check Amazon before other stores. I will not buy a carrier that isn't collapsible! This one was very simple to put together, like zippering a jacket! It is as large as I was hoping and seems as though it should hold up fine. I love that it comes with a nice comfy pad for the bottom that can also be washed. The rubber feet on the bottom are nice too. And, despite how soft it is, when using the handle it seems to hold its shape well! I am very pleased with this carrier and I do believe it is worth the cost.

  • E. Brefka - Works For Me

    I have extensive problems sleeping well through the night but usually shy away from taking anything to help. I've been on Ambien before but don't like the time and expense of having to see a doctor to get it, and I've used Advil PM when I was desperate. Yes, I knew when I bought this product that the active ingredient is diphenhydramine - I read the ingredients list. I liked that the product is available in a liquid for ease of use and because it should help the body absorb it faster. (I have never found Benadryl to work for me - either for allergies or sleep - I don't know why - but I trained as a pharmacy technician for 18 months and held the PhT certification for some time, and pharmacists can advise that the same products don't work exactly the same way for all people.) The ZzzQuil is working for me - it kicks in quickly, gives me a restful night's sleep, and I wake up at my regular time in the morning (less an alarm) with no fuzzy or drowsy effect. I've been using it for a week and feel more rested than I have in some time. If it doesn't work for you - then discontinue it and don't purchase more. If Benadryl works for you - stick with it. In my case, I'm pleased with the convenience and effectiveness of the ZzzQuil and intend to continue using it - not every single night - but definitely on those nights I know I'll have trouble getting to and staying to sleep.

  • Kathy Lescalleette - Can't wait til Christmas

    Can't wait til Christmas . The kids will love it but I live in MD an they live in PA not sure to give it to them or just open myself this year..