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Peoria River Front Association - VISITDOWNTOWNPEORIA.COM for a complete list of restaurants, shops, arts, entertainment, and special events in Downtown Peoria, IL. Explore the unique restaurants, shops, festivals and special events on Peoria's RiverFront. Check out the emerging Warehouse District as it is transformed into a vibrant mixed-use urban environment. Discover the eclectic shops, art studios and local restaurants in our West Main Street District. And visit our Central Business District, home to Caterpillar, OSF Hospital, and Unity Pint Health Methodist Hospital. Hotels, bars and sandwich shops surround our many Downtown businesses as well as the Peoria Civic Center - home to Bradley Braves Men's Basketball, Peoria Rivermen Hockey, concerts, theater productions and large-scale conventions.

  • http://www.visitdowntownpeoria.com/hop-on Peoria River Front Association - Use our FREE Hop-On Hop-Off Shuttle to visit your favorite Downtown Peoria restaurant, shop or business! Shuttle runs 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday - Friday.

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