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  • Nancy Vo - Works well, but hard to remove

    Used this case at a concert and it worked pretty well! Also works great for facetiming in the dark. The main problem I have with it is that it's REALLY hard to take off. Not sure if I'm just doing it wrong, but I have serious trouble removing the case. Ideally, I don't want the case on all the time so I tried taking it off to put my other case on, but when I tried, I'd either nearly break a nail or crack my screen protector =/ Also, this case is super slippery. I found myself dropping it more than usual.

  • Marc - Horrible battery!

    I have had this product and the leaf blower (both 24 volt) for about a year. Recently I have not gotten much use out of either due to the serious lack of battery life. With what I believe is a full charge, I can't even blow off my driveway or edge it for that matter. It seems that after the one year mark, your battery will completely stop working. When confronted, the worx help line/website will happily direct you to their website to buy a new $100 battery. There is no support or backing for this faulty product. Only a pit of money!

  • Craig Frislie - Great price, extremely easy to install

    Great price, extremely easy to install, high quality, outstanding customer service experience. I spent a lot of time looking at windshields for my 2010 Polaris Ranger 800XP. I have absolutely no regrets with this purchase. The value is unbeatable.

  • Nathan Albright - Is you grew up with Ghostbusters you will really like it.

    I grew up with Ghostbusters. I watched the cartoon every day, owned the toys, etc. The first movie was slightly before my time when released in theater but I loved when I was old enough to watch it. To someone who didn't grow up loving the franchise this comic might just be "ok". For those of us that did grow up loving the franchise, it is great. I gave it 4 stars only because I know that while I really like it, it isn't a great comic book. It is merely a good one that speaks strongly to some.