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  • R. Ricci - My daughter is a novice writer...

    This was a gift for my novice writing daughter. I think this might be just what she needs to actually get published. The product was just what I was looking for, arrived promptly, and was properly packaged.

  • David R. Tisdale, II - Finally Intuit has gone mobile

    I have been using Quicken for nearly a decade to manage my personal finances. In spite of its buggy nature and other shortcomings, I've always found it to be an invaluable tool in tracking my money. I'm not going to go into a blow-by-blow of all of its features, as those have been enumerated elsewhere and more effectively.

  • dvdemil - Not original

    Shaklee Corporation prohibits their distributors from selling the products on Amazon or other such sites. Therefore, there is no guarantee that what you receive is genuine. If you purchase this product on Amazon you are supporting a distributor with no integrity (i.e. a pirate) OR someone who is not authorized to sell Shaklee products.

  • Randall Tinsley - I would recommend this product to help increase grip and forearm strength

    As an Arm wrestler I take this supplement and it does appear to have helped strengthen my tendons and ligaments. It works slowly, but is working. I would recommend this product to help increase grip and forearm strength.Also, it may help PREVENT not totally guard against tendon injuries and ligament injuries.

  • Ryan & Zach's Mimi - Stop snoring and get a good night's sleep!!!

    I got a this particular anti snore chin strap because I have a friend who suggested I try it. He purchased this same one and said it really worked to stop him from snoring. His wife was already sleeping in a separate room and he was in the dog house for that as it was. She's been complaining about his snoring since I've known her. There's nothing worse than not being able to sleep because someone is snoring.

  • Sandy - Single Best Purchase I Have Ever Made

    This Waterpik is the best product I have ever bought. I was told that I had periodontal disease around a tooth and had a pocket that measured at least a "9." A referral to a periodontist was made. I was told that for about $1,000 I could have the problem taken care of, but that the procedure would also leave me sensitive to hot and cold. I bought a Waterpik because I didn't want to spent the money I didn't have, take the antibiotics required for the surgery, and then be sensitive to hot and cold for (maybe) ever. I wanted to see if I could "get away" with postponing the inevitable until I could save up the cash. I used the product religiously twice a day. In a few days I noticed a difference in my mouth, and in a month a significant difference, so significant I decided to give the Waterpik an even longer trial before having surgery. After using the product for 10 months without missing a day, at my last cleaning I was told that the measurements around the same tooth that was a "9" now measure a "3." The Waterpik worked miracles for me. I've never spent a better $60. I am not sure the Waterpik would do the same for anyone else, but honestly combined with daily brushing & flossing, I have the healthiest mouth I have ever had in my life. I recommend this product highly to absolutely everyone. A lot of products promise a lot of things, but this one that made very modest promises, delivered beyond my wildest expectations.