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  • http://www.whca.org/about-us/ Long Term Health Care | Washington State | Washington Health Care Association - Promoting quality care and services by partnering with our members and stakeholders. Our Core Values: Honesty and Integrity Advocacy Commitment to
  • http://www.whca.org/about-us/our-staff/ WHCA | Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living Services | Washington State | Washington Health Care Association - Robin Dale President/CEO Tel (800) 562-6170, Extension 101 Robin Dale has over 20 years’ experience in long term care. He is a graduate of the University of
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  • http://www.whca.org/benefits/whca-committees/ WHCA Committees | LTC | Washington Health Care Association - - Click here to Join a Committee! Washington Center for Assisted Living (WCAL) meets as needed and focuses on cost reimbursement for assisted living
  • http://www.whca.org/advocacy/ Long-Term Care Advocacy | Washington State | Washington Health Care Association - Take 5 For Seniors Toolkit Take 5 For Seniors Resources: Includes postcards to send to legislators, a letter to family and friends inviting them to contact
  • http://www.whca.org/capitol-update/ Capitol Update | Washington Health Care Association - March 25, 2016   Home for the Holiday…Then Back to the Budget Today is the 16th day of the first special session of the 2016 legislature. Early this
  • http://www.whca.org/legislative-issue-briefs/ Legislative Issue Briefs | Washington Health Care Association - SB 6203 Regarding the Practice of Long Term Care Pharmacy SB 6240 to Continue Medicaid Reform Efforts for SNF Payments      
  • http://www.whca.org/quality/ Quality | Washington Health Care Association - Through its leadership and engagement with federal and state quality improvement initiatives, WHCA and its members are committed to healthy, affordable, and
  • http://www.whca.org/regulatory/ Skilled Nursing Care and Assisted Living | Washington State | WHCA | Washington Health Care Association - Washington Health Care Association actively participates in the development and implementation of public policy impacting the providers of skilled nursing and
  • http://www.whca.org/wfltc/ | Washington Health Care Association - The Washington Foundation for Long Term Care (WFLTC) is a non-profit organization making dreams a reality for the dedicated staff who provide direct care and
  • http://www.whca.org/benefits/whca-group-retro/ WHCA Group Retro | Skilled Nursing Facilities | Washington Health Care Association - WHCA Group Retro provides cost-effective group coverage for workers compensation claims for skilled nursing facilities and residential care facilities
  • http://www.whca.org/benefits/whca-purchase-power/ WHCA Group Purchasing | Washington Health Care Association - - Healthcare Affiliation - Healthcare Membership Agreement - Navigator Vendors (updated 1/29/16) The Washington Health Care Association and the Washington
  • http://www.whca.org/professional-development/ Professional Development | Washington Health Care Association - Healthcare Academy Healthcare Academy provides industry-leading online training for the long-term care industry. With a dynamic array of innovative, powerful
  • http://www.whca.org/benefits/document-library/ Document Library | Washington Health Care Association - Assisted Living Assisted Living Abuse Investigation Forms Exempt Status Form (Assisted Living) Abuse Policy for QI Committee With DSHS Input Another
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  • http://www.whca.org/directory/choosing-an-assisted-living-community/ Choosing an Assisted Living Community | Washington Health Care Association - For many older adults, an assisted living community can combine the best of two worlds. It allows them to remain as independent as possible, as though they were
  • http://www.whca.org/directory/choosing-a-skilled-nursing-facility/ Choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility | Home | Washington State | Washington Health Care Association - If you are considering a move to a long-term care facility for yourself, or for your spouse, parent, other family member or friend, you will feel more confident
  • http://www.whca.org/directory/moving-into-a-long-term-care-facility/ Moving into a Long Term Care Facility | Washington State | Washington Health Care Association - Here are some ways you can help someone you love make a smooth transition to living in a long term care facility.
  • http://www.whca.org/directory/all-about-care-conferences/ Care Conferences | Nursing Home | Washington Health Care Association - Care conferences are held for every person receiving health care at home or in a care facility.
  • http://www.whca.org/directory/family-visits/ Family Visits | Washington Health Care Association - Visits from family and friends are always appreciated by persons who live in a long term care facility ~ and your visits are very important.
  • http://www.whca.org/directory/additional-resources/ Additional Resources | Washington Health Care Association - Below is an alpha listing of links and resources that offer additional long term care information. If you would like to recommend a link to add to this page,
  • http://www.whca.org/employment/view-resumes/ View Resumes | Washington Health Care Association - Bill Connell - Experienced administrator seeking interim opportunities in Washington. Geovanny Vincente Romero Genevieve da Roza Kenneth Rayman - I am

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