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  • Tessa - This stuff is really good, I was expecting it to be like jerky ...

    This stuff is really good, I was expecting it to be like jerky but its definitely different in texture and taste. I ordered the original, the post office for some reason sent it back to the seller before it was ever delivered. It was odd, but then the seller without saying anything sent it back to me and included a second flavor called Peri Peri (or something?) with a nice note. It was very nice so thank you to the seller! The 2nd flavor was my favorite! I really liked it, so did my pups :) . This product was given to me at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Amazon Customer - Such a blessing to a working mom of twins!

    Recently I've returned to work since having my twins, and I thought I'd almost certainly have to give up breastfeeding as I am not able to pump nearly as often as I had before. Well, I came across the berry flavored Premama lactation drink mixes at Target, and not only have they genuinely helped keep my supply up, but they taste much better than any of the others I have tried as well. It has definitely been worth it to me to spend the few extra dollars and be able to provide for my babies in a way I otherwise couldn't have -- the only thing I'd change is having found this product sooner!

  • alana - Happy

    One day only...obviously I have not grown any hair with one usage but......I am amazed how much thicker it looks with just a shampoo. I was reluctant to write a review as I always think they are fake.....good or bad. This is a real review and if I never grow thicker hair.....at least it looks it. The shampoo did not lather like other shampoos from the store and it actually had a funny feel to it when it was wet. It dried and the thin areas did not seem to show. I have blonde fine hair and have had a hysterectomy and my hair has thinned. I will keep posting as I want to give honest helpful reviews. I will definitely keep using this. This is an honest review and I have written bad ones before about hair products and just want to share what might at least make a person feel better about their hair. I would have given it 5 stars but thought that I couldn't with one usage. Make sure you shake the bottle.

  • Kristy Schaefer - I love this product

    I love this product! It like a blush and bronzer in one. I use NARS blush "orgasim" and "super orgasim".

  • Amazon Customer - subscriber for years

    I have had a subscription fir this magazine for years. I enjoy this mag for the lighter version of recipes and the beautiful pictures inside. It also also does not seem to have tons of ads inside. The app is a very useful tool. I love the upgrade that in automatically goes to my newsstand on my Kindle. So I have the best of both, the paper and electronic version.