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Salem Health | Health care in Salem Oregon | Salem Hospital - Comprehensive regional health care system that includes Level II trauma center and emergency room. Regional services: cancer, cardiac and cardiac rehabilitation, orthopedics and joint replacement, neurosciences, spine, pain management, women & children, maternity, imaging, weight loss surgery, sleep disorders, diabetes, laboratory, pulmonary rehabilitation. Urology and infusion and wound care. Inpatient mental health services. Onsite pharmacy. Community health forums. Health Education (Smoking Cessation, etc.). Family education/expectant parent, diabetes education. Primary care and OB/GYN physicians.

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  • Sandra AE - ... yera ago and i this by far is my favorite one! I love how soft my hair is ...

    I started using organix a yera ago and i this by far is my favorite one! I love how soft my hair is and it doesnt seem to leave any build up. I love the smell, i sometimes combine the shampoo with the coconut water conditioner and the coconut milk conditioner. I feel the Coconut milk is a little more hudrating than the coconut water, but both work very well.

  • warren - Bugging out part 3.

    They seemed to go for it big time when its soft, but it hardens and thy ignored it--can't say it did much of anything.

  • Nic from New Jersey - Saved $200

    Jeep dealer wanted $200 more to install jeep version. These are just as good. As other comments have pointed out, the installation directions are very thin. But just follow directions in comments by Scott or Garrett and it's easy.

  • BrittanyNelson - and with our facility we use pulse oximeters like crazy. I have ordered more of these than ...

    I work in Materials Management in a hospital, and with our facility we use pulse oximeters like crazy. I have ordered more of these than you can imagine. This one is a very nice pulse oximeter, and does exactly what we need it to! It takes a few seconds to read you heart SpO2 and your pules rate, but it does it perfectly. It comes with a thin stretchy plastic covering with makes it easy to clean. The colors are blue and white, and the display is a red color. It takes two AAA batteries, which makes it perfect for when you are on the go because we always have an extra set of AAA batteries on hand. I don't personally know this brand, but now that I do I will be ordering from them more. It took ONE day to receive this item. I literally ordered it yesterday and here it is on my desk! The lanyard is perfect for throwing around your neck or in your pocket for quick use. I would definitely recommend this pulse oximeter

  • Sharon Lewis Small - other flavors

    I would like to have other flavors and maybe my pain is just too old for it to help me. I am not sure if it a mine thing but one day I feel fine the next I hurt all over.

  • Cheap and Cheerful - Vivo per Leis facial peel is much cheaper

    I bought oro gold facial peel at the mall until I googled the active ingredient and found out that amazon is selling a very similar product sold as "Vivo Per Lei Facial Peel" for $8! Once I found that I started buying multiples because I love what the product (essentially a chemical exfoliant) does for my skin but just hate the price.

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    So through the years i lost a lot of hair, not only on my head but also my eyebrows. and it was a huge hassle constantly having to do my makeup and add more color to my fading eyebrows. I've been using this eyebrow growth product for a couple weeks, and I can tell that it does increase the links in the fullness of my eyebrows. I have to say I was extremely skeptical of whether or not this would benefit my eyebrows but it does. I paint this product on my eyebrows twice a day because I am middle-aged, my eyelashes have gotten quite a bit lighter and more sparse. This product nourishes the hair and obviously encourages it to grow thicker. Again I was very skeptical but I am pleased that there has been some positive results to report. Don't expect miracles, but I think you can expect your brows to be fuller and more attractive .