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xG Health Solutions - xG Health powers long term success for providers and payers through analysis, care redesign, technology tools and an unmatched depth of expertise.

  • http://xghealth.com/about-us/ About Us - xG Health Solutions - xG Health was created to generalize and scale Geisinger innovations and know-how.
  • http://xghealth.com/our-team/ Our Team - xG Health Solutions - Our team is passionate about improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare.
  • http://xghealth.com/solutions/ Solutions - xG Health Solutions - Our reliable solutions are backed by decades of practical experience and fueled by innovation.
  • http://xghealth.com/care-redesign/ Care Redesign - xG Health Solutions - As reimbursement models change, providers must strategically rethink how they approach care delivery. This can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for organizations that want to secure their market position and seize opportunities for improved financial success.An expertly planned and managed care redesign effort can yield a better market position, a more effective care team, improved clinical outcomes, higher levels of patient and provider satisfaction, and reduced use and costs. That’s the good news. The more difficult message is this: achieving the benefits of a care redesign effort requires transforming strategy and approach. It’s easy to get off track or to simply delay starting.We can help. Our approach is built on almost two decades of proven strategies developed by Geisinger Health System, an organization nationally recognized for effective innovations in care delivery. With a practical, real-world base of expertise, we can strategically accelerate your care redesign process so you achieve the desired outcomes faster, more efficiently, and more reliably than with other approaches.We help you get started on care redesign by developing an understanding of your strategic objectives. We then perform a systematic baseline assessment of your current state. This assessment allows us to identify critical gaps that will inform our action plan.Once we agree on next steps, the focus is all about practical implementation.
  • http://xghealth.com/care-management/ Care Management - xG Health Solutions - Population health management is complex. To succeed, providers must transform the way they deliver care, from workflow redesign and staff training to data capture and analysis.It can be overwhelming to determine where to start and how to focus your efforts. We can help. Our comprehensive care management capabilities are based on proven methods that have delivered strong results, both at Geisinger and at other provider systems across a variety of patient populations and geographic regions. Our experts assess your capabilities and provide practical guidance in designing, developing, and implementing an effective care management model.Then, we help you succeed with implementation. Our “boots on the ground” delivery team drives success while steering clear of pitfalls that can hijack your initiative. Our care management models focus on systematically eliminating the factors that negatively affect patient outcomes or that add unnecessary use and costs.Our process is deliberate and data-driven. We know how to monitor and interpret data on use, cost, and quality and then leverage it to segment patients and identify specific opportunities for action.Our clients experience sustained and significant improvements in care quality and efficiency, including material reductions in unnecessary hospitalizations, readmissions, and ER visits. They also increase revenue and margin because of closing care gaps and increasing market share.
  • http://xghealth.com/population-analytics/ Population Analytics - xG Health Solutions - Analytics to uniquely improve clinical and financial outcomes. Success depends on expert interpretation that yields actionable insights.
  • http://xghealth.com/bundled-payments/ Bundled Payments - xG Health Solutions - Bundled payments are changing how healthcare providers are reimbursed. We can help you get ready for mandatory adoption.
  • http://xghealth.com/dsrip/ DSRIP - xG Health Solutions - Improving care management is at the heart of our Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) solution.
  • http://xghealth.com/products/ Products - xG Health Solutions - Our products, powered by decades of Geisinger innovation and technology, expedite care redesign.
  • http://xghealth.com/xg-learn/ xGLearn - xG Health Solutions - xGLearn™ is an education platform that combines the latest collaborative technology with distance learning to help you quickly build effective care management team members who function at the top of their licenses. With xGLearn, your care management team is equipped with the evidence-based knowledge required to assess patients, develop action plans, reliably implement evidence-based practices, and coordinate care.
  • http://xghealth.com/xg-care/ xGCare - xG Health Solutions - xGCare™ is a management software platform that supports disease and case managers and health coaches to consistently deliver the best clinical practices for ambulatory patients with chronic disease.
  • http://xghealth.com/provencare/ ProvenCare - xG Health Solutions - Our ProvenCare model is based on working with clinicians to build buy-in to best practices, which reduces variation in care, then redesigning workflow to incorporate these best practices, followed by integrating workflow redesign into the electronic health record.
  • http://xghealth.com/provenhealth-navigator/ ProvenHealth Navigator - xG Health Solutions - Our advanced patient-centered medical home model enhances health and wellness for complex ambulatory patients, while also reducing use. 
  • http://xghealth.com/clients/ Clients - xG Health Solutions - Transforming our clients to value-based care. We understand the unique perspectives of providers, health plans, and plan sponsors in moving toward value-based care. 
  • http://xghealth.com/providers/ Providers - Clients - xG Health Solutions - We help providers such as physician practices, hospitals, health systems, and integrated delivery networks improve care delivery and increase profitability. Our proven turnkey solutions and decades of expertise in care management and redesign drive results on key performance measures.
  • http://xghealth.com/health-plans/ Health Plans - Clients - xG Health Solutions - We provide a broad range of strategy, analytics, program design, care training, and care delivery redesign solutions for health plan clients, who directly benefit from the experience and innovations accumulated by Geisinger’s 500,000-member health plan over the past two decades.
  • http://xghealth.com/plan-sponsors/ Plan Sponsors - Clients - xG Health Solutions - We help local and regional health systems build a sustainable, collaborative care strategy that addresses the needs of plan sponsors and providers alike.
  • http://xghealth.com/results/ Results - xG Health Solutions - We don’t just talk about improving performance—we’ve done it. Our solutions and products achieve reliable results across a range of geographies and population profiles.
  • http://xghealth.com/wvu-healthcare/ WVUHS - Results - xG Health Solutions - The partnership with Geisinger Health Plan and xG Health generated strong results for WVUHS including reduced admission, readmission and ED rates.
  • http://xghealth.com/taconic-ipa/ Taconic IPA - Results - xG Health Solutions - xG Health Solutions™ Accelerates Taconic Independent Practice Association’s Successful Implementation of Advanced Patient-Centered Medical Home.
  • http://xghealth.com/join-us/ Join Us - xG Health Solutions - We are passionate about improving healthcare and offer high performers a tremendous opportunity for professional development.
  • http://xghealth.com/current-positions/ Current Positions - xG Health Solutions - We are passionate about improving healthcare and offer high performers a tremendous opportunity for professional development. Welcome to our employment section. Here you can view our current job openings and apply for positions online.
  • http://xghealth.com/contact-us/ Contact Us - xG Health Solutions - We appreciate your interest in xG Health Solutions. Our offices are located at: 6750 Alexander Bell DriveSuite 200 Columbia, MD 21046 Find us on Google Maps For more information, call us at 800-881-0582 or email [email protected].

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  • Amanda Cox - Old reliable.

    This has become my family's staple shampoo. It's great for frequent use (by that I mean, for me, washing every other day). It's safe for color-treated hair. I don't notice any significant fade of color when I use this, just normal fade. I would recommend this as it is versatile enough for everyone in my family. The smell is pleasant, and not overpowering. Lathers very well, leaves hair feeling clean.

  • gabriel - BeastMode doe

    BeastMode V-Cube! It was sticker-less too. Idk that! Now lames can't try taking off the stickers when I leave it laying around at work lol

  • Stanley M Roe - NiWave PIC Shipping and Handeling

    All of the products that will send you 2 items for the price of one is a real rip off. They know even if you send back the item you will have to pay the postage but they have already made about a 100 percent profit on the postage and handling. The postage and handling on the two NuWave PIC is about $198 in addition to the $99.oo for the items.

  • Ernest L. Hatley - Don't waste your time!

    Terrible acting! I would not even give this a "D" rating. In addition to the terrible acting job the movie was poorly directed and lacked enjoyable script. I am very glad it was basically free because I would be truly upset if I'd had to pay for it!

  • Chrissie J. - Works great, but a little small

    This pillow was great for my newborn. He has reflux, so he slept in a Rock N Play for the first four months of his life and could hardly ever do tummy time, so I was really worried about him developing a flat spot. This pillow ended up having double-benefits--my son (who previously would never tolerate being laid down--for diaper changes, playtime, God forbid nap time) LOVED IT. He suddenly stopped screaming the second we laid him down, and we can only assume it was because he loved the feel of the memory foam. We ended up ordering a second one to roam around the house with us for his changing table, playmat, etc.