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  • Writer in Residence - Great Flavor for a Morning Smoothie!

    I am not a die hard exercise enthusiast, but I am a very busy business woman and single parent who is always trying to find the quickest breakfast which packs the most nutrition. I am very guilty of running out the door in the morning without eating or grabbing something that has empty calories and zero nutrition. I decided to buy a NutriBullet blender (food extractor) and began experimenting with various ingredients. My favorite breakfast shake now consists of Gold Standard Banana Cream flavored whey protein (1 scoop), a small banana, cup of blueberries and pure coconut water. The whey protein blends completely and is packed with nutrition - it tastes fantastic. I also use the chocolate flavor blended with skim milk and an ice-cube for a guilt-free super-treat. I realize that many people may be turned off because one of the ingredients is Aspartame, but that doesn't bother me. The result of drinking this 5 minute smoothie once per day (plus eating smart the rest of the day) is that my brain-fog is gone, I have tons of energy and I no longer have cravings for sugar. Additionally, my mornings at work are much more productive. Oddly enough, I look forward to getting up in the morning to have this because I feel so darn good and I hate mornings (confirmed night owl!). For my purposes, this product has a great taste, blends completely, has top quality ingredients all with a reasonable price and it has helped me. I recommend it for anyone looking for a boost in the morning or before/after a workout. Enjoy!

  • Angelo Hamilton - Great Product

    This item was shipped on time. it exceeded my expectation. I would recommend this item to anyone. It surely is satisfying. Since i got it I shave less and has less razor bumps. It is professional indeed.

  • Chris - 1 Star

    Its suppose to be a sealed box but it has air leaks everywhere, sounds terrible. The box terminals are hard to get the connection and poorly screwed to the box. Fits well under the seats but the sound is bad.

  • GeorgeM - Top Flight Men's Golf Set

    This is a fantastic set of clubs for a beginner. I had bought a set (a different brand) from a leading sporting goods retailer and had a real problem with them, breaking off 2 heads on the range.

  • Carolee Meek - Excellent, Inexpensive Facial Serum with Phenomenal Results!

    I've never been one to be overly concerned with the signs of aging, but after regrettably looking closer in the mirror, I researched and found this inexpensive anti-aging face serum. I have found its effects to be remarkable, my laugh lines are almost indiscernable, my jowls are nonexistent.....and I look like I'm ten years younger. I use this in conjunction with the recommended Boots # 7 day and night face creams and fell in love with their products. Give them their required four weeks for a fair trial.......I promise, you'll be happy and amazed with the results.

  • Haley Williams - Wonderful set of vacuum space saver bags - will definitely be purchasing more!

    So I'll start by saying that for some unknown reason, I have a TON of extra blankets in my house. It is not like I live somewhere that is -50 degrees year around, but still, my husband keeps it pretty cold in the house sometimes. I guess they have just accumulated over the years and I am too much of a pack rat to get rid of any of them. So here recently I've been trying to figure out a way to keep these blankets safely in storage and get them out of the way to save more previous space in the minimal closet space I have in my home. So, that's the main reason why I purchased the space bags. I wanted to reclaim the top 3 shelves of my hall closet, and the top shelf of my bedroom closet. I read through the reviews on this product before I purchased (as I do with all purchases) and found that there were more positive reviews than negative. I figured this might could be attributed to human error and went ahead and purchased the bags to try them out for myself.